Saturday, January 29, 2011

More babies on the way

So tonight at DH's bday party, there was a four month old baby here.  Fine.  She's cute.

BUT, another couple also just announced that they're expecting!!!!  Tonight!  Ah!  Just now!  Right here!

It was baby baby baby baby all night.  Man, I couldn't wait for everyone to leave.  Then I leaked a few.  Poor DH, having a downer wifey on his bday!

They did sort of mention they've been trying for a while, so... that's good.  Maybe they 'earned' it.  But man, if I find out 'a while' is like four months, I'll be...more jealous.  But they are a bit older, so really it might have been a few years.  But then what is 'trying' - just not using BC?  Or were they going hardcore like us?  They already have 12 year old twin girls who are super cute, but they had them rather young.

I think I'm upset because I started researching REs.  Why does it seems like most of them/their staff suck?  Seriously.  Even the potentially really good ones have several really bad reviews.  Why do we put up with this level of care?   And I may have to wait 7 MONTHS to see a highly rated RE?  There goes our pretty "2011 CS IF Plan" out the window! 

Ho hum.
I'm going to go order a crate of PreSeed.

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  1. Visit Dr. Ki Lie, I know hes not an R.E anymore, but he still does IUI and it only took me 2 months to see him. e-mail me and I can give you his numbers.


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