Sunday, February 5, 2012

17x10^6 & Progesterone Plot

17 millllllion!
That's how many little swimmers we had after sperm wash!  Yay!
YAY!  Hip hip horray!
That is quite excellent!  (For reference, Dr only wants >10 million)  There will be no male factor this round, fo' shizzle!  Dr did mention the sample was very viscous, and was hard to break up.  Maybe this is a factor for us?  Numbers ok, but consistency not great?

I'm due back in 5 days to check progesterone levels.  He wants the level between 30 and 60.  He says a lot of clinics supplement after Clomid, but he doesn't think I'll need it (but of course we'll see).  Here is a question - if you have two eggs, do you need twice as much progesterone?  I gave up on Dr Google for that one, but I found this really fun info on progesterone.  I liked the youtube vids myself.

My progesterone plot was as follows:  Wait for either
a.  Testing showing progesterone was low
b.  Sore boobies  (for I feel this is worth investigating as a cause of sore boobies - the other possible causes don't seem to work with me, with the possible exception of dairy)

And then begin to use natural progesterone cream.  But will it be too late then?  Should I use just a wee dab tomorrow?  Can it hurt?  Or even today?  The Internet has made me really excited about progesterone cream.  I think I'm going to go for it.

Something very interesting - when the doc was down there, he muttered "It almost looks like endo".  What what now?  I questioned him about this later, and he said there were some red spotches on my cervix that almost looked like endo.  Well well.  JB, I bet you are right!!!  So maybe there is a chance of this working, but if not - darn good thing I have that lap scheduled!  I mentioned it again to Dr A, and he sort of nodded that it was a good thing to investigate.  This is quite an about face from the "you don't have endo" of six months ago!

Go Pats!


  1. Go, go, go!! And then stay, stay, stay!!
    fingers crossed!

  2. I agree with Feather! Go! Go! Go! And then stay, stay, stay!!!!

    p.s. I hope that I'm wrong about endo, I really do!

  3. Congrats on the great sperm count! Keeping the faith that it will happen this time. (FYI, my family doc has endo and was able to have 2 kids despite it, so anything is possible!)

  4. YAY!! Awesome numbers! Woot! It's going to work! :-D I always start my progesterone at 2-3dpo. But it won't hurt to start it late, if you would rather wait and see what your number is. I bet it'll be nice and high with 2 follies :-)


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