Friday, February 24, 2012

Pre Op appt

Well, I had my pre-op appt today.  I'm not certainly not 100% convinced that endo is the root of our problem, but it is for sure worth checking out.  We're back into unexplained IF territory again, I no likely.

Dr Love is going to also look at my uterus and check my tubes while he's all up in my business.  My tubes are supposed to be clear and uterus is supposed to be ok, but it never hurts to check again, IMHO.  He said he would take a sample to check for any infection, which I think is really good.

I guess I was a bit surprised about they day before surgery.  The entire day is scripted from 8am onwards - various medications at various times, clear fluids only.  No going to work.  So that means I will be out of work almost 3 weeks - ai ya.  He said I would be off two weeks, but then he said I would be back the next Monday.  Which means almost 3 weeks, given that I am also off the Tuesday before the Wednesday surgery.  Yowzas.  I am guessing I will be on short term disability, but I will talk to my boss next week.  Um, 2012 will be the year I barely work, I guess.  Have I mentioned I also have 7 wks vacation this year?

Overall, Dr Love was quite pleasant this time.  His secretary was a bit stern ("No red jello the day before, do you understand?  That means no purple jello either!  (But yellow jello is ok)")

And now....we wait.


  1. Good Luck on your surgery! I had surgery in July 2011 to "just look" it was no bueno, lol. Stage IV Endo everywhere... I was somewhat relieved that we had a reason vs. it being unexplained. Hahha. I was out for 2 weeks. Best of Luck!!!

  2. Good luck! I think it's a great idea to explore all options. You never know. I could not believe what they found with mine. Get lots of rest and pain meds afterwards! The first couple days are the hardest, but it gets a lot better.

  3. I think that surgery is going to answer so many questions. My first surgery was so enlightening!

    Don't worry about taking the time off. The worst thing you can do go back too early, something I did. I got a horrible cold and my recovery took so much longer. Yuck.

    If you need anything, let me know!


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