Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not quite there yet....

Nurse Cheese called and said I was not quite there yet.  I am to go in tomorrow.  But it is CD12.  Of COURSE I am not quite there yet!  Does Clomid make things move along faster?  I am normally a CD15 or CD16 kinda gal.  And lately I've had longer cycles by a few days, so I was thinking it would lean more towards CD16.

This becomes tricky to time DH to be at optimal levels. 

By the numbers:
Lefty:  21.2 mm  (what happened to my dual 11mms?  I don't know.  Couldn't see the monitor either, it was the other room, and a different wander today.)
Righty:  20.8mm, with a bonus 10.8mm for good company.
Lining:  8.8mm
Estrogen:  872.  I had an interesting estrogen converstaion with Nurse Cheese.  I asked "Is my estrogen too high?" this morning, and she was all, "No, we like to see 1000 per mature follicle, so we're looking for 2000 for you.".  But I choose to believe the Internte that told me 200-600 per mature follice, since I now seem to have 2 mature-ish follicles and am sitting under 2000!  And I like to believe they both have eggs in them!  (Pretty please?!?)
LH:  5.7.  So.... no surge yet.  Normally I am a good surger.  So maybe tomorrow or Friday?  Don't want overripe follicles!  This happened last time, follicles didn't match LH timing very well.
Progesterone:  3.0
FSH:  2.1

Thanks LisaB!  Love the comment about triplets with two follicles! :)  So festive.  DH and I already had a laugh at - "Well, we could still have quads!"

I've been pretty ouchy with lots of follicle pain.  Bah.


  1. haha, you're welcome :-) I feel like they are looking for crazy high number with your follicles! I've never heard of 1,000 per follicle. Yours sound really good! I'm sure they both have eggies :-)
    How come they don't just use a trigger shot?
    Fingers crossed! Come on and pop, follies!

  2. Clomid makes me ovulate earlier, I usually O around CD 17 or 18, but last cycle it was around CD 15.

    I won't be seeing you on Saturday. We have too much going on and we're hosting a party the next day. :(

  3. Those follies are big lady!!! I never took clomid, I did take femara and it made me O around 16-17. Yes...Pop!!!


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