Monday, February 13, 2012

Teeny tiny little bit of spotting.

Which could be many things.
I am strangely optimistic.  I feel like that is just twin #1 digging in a little.  No big deal.

I just had tea on Saturday with a lady from the fertility yoga class (who is now pg), and she reminded me "Spotting is good!  Lots of ladies have seen spotting and stopped taking their drugs and lost their babies."  So I will keep up the prog cream until a full CD1 hits - and keep calm and carry on.

It is also too early for my spotting to begin if I am following the pattern of the last few cycles - spotting shouldn't start until CD28+, and it is only CD24, which is also good.  Or it could just be different.

I have more thoughts, but am feeling sort of spacey, I will go see how y'all are doing out there in the blogosphere.


  1. Sounds like implantation spotting to me! Hoping this is it for you!


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