Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear Progesterone Cream

Dear Progesterone Cream,

I know we've only been in a relationship since CD17 and it is CD21 today, but I feel I have to say it - I Love You!  My boobs might still be sore, but with my progesterone level being 51.1 makes me very happy.

Infertile CS

Hello Ladies!
I've been busy all week patiently waiting.  I alternate between thoughts of the "twins" in there, and the really kick-ass BFN vacation we're going to take.  I am seriously obsessed with this potential vacation - it will be a HUGE letdown if we get a BFN, so this is to take the edge off.  And wouldn't it be lovely to walk about in sandals and a dress, sipping a cocktail?  Yes indeedy!
But more lovely would obviousy be a BFP.  ;)  In that case - who needs a vacation?!?!  Get thee to the library, for preggo books aplenty would be fun enough for me!

I've been using the progesterone cream since CD17 - my boobs are still sore on and off, but I am SO happy with my progesterone number from today's test!  Nurse Cheese even said my numbers were "great".  (Um, hello, expectations?  Settle down!)

By today I couldn't stand it - I felt like shouting "WHAT IS GOING ON IN THERE?"  During the follicular phase you have pictures and stats every other day - and since the Big Event - radio silence.  But now at least I have some stats to make me feel good.  They also did a (very painful) wanding, but I could not for the life of me get from the nurse what she saw.  English problems, and I just gave up - I've been a bit melancholy all day.

But tonight progeterone is good, DH and I are having make your own pizza night (my fav!), we've got some near-beer here - yeeeeeeeeehaw!

By the numbers:
Estrogen:  484
Progesterone:  51.1  (BOOOOYAH!  Even Dr Nora would be moderately pleased, I think)
LH:  14.6
FSH: 3.0


  1. That's great, congrats on your awesome progesterone #. Fingers crossed!
    I just wanted to explain that I have diminished ovarian reserve and premature ovarian failure. I do not have plenty of time, and I hear that all the time. It's not something you should say to someone like me :-( But no hard feelings
    Xo Good luck :-)

  2. Keeping fingers crossed for you! So glad the progesterone cream is doing its job!


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