Monday, February 27, 2012

Surgery has been announced

So I told my boss today that I was having surgery.  There was barely any reaction from him - he was kinda like, "You gotta do what you gotta do".

I was sort of worried about telling him.  I was worried he'd sk a lot of questions, and I would have to talk about lady parts.  But so far so good.  Now I will have to say something to my lunch frolleagues at some point - which I am not looking forward to. 

I realised I only have 3 weeks before my surgery - yikes!  I am slightly anxious about it - I am going to try and turn all that anxiousness into prayers for my buddy.  :)


  1. HUGS!
    All the best! Glad that you boss was okay with it.

  2. I'm glad your boss was cool with it! I'm curious to see what you say to your coworkers! I told everyone, but we are at a stage where we are okay with everyone knowing. It can be kinda awkward. Nobody really pressed me for any questions though, so that's good!

  3. So glad that you got telling your boss out of the way! Perhaps you can tell a few colleagues and then while you're off they can pass on the info to those who ask? I didn't announce my leave at my workplace, but my closest friends knew what was going on so I'm assuming that they fielded questions since no one said anything to me at our Christmas party.

    1. It is make slighlty weird by the fact that ALL my frolleagues are guys, and most of them have kids...


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