Thursday, May 31, 2012

Game on!


Well, Doc A swears I am ovulating today.  That ovulation pain precedes ovulation, it isn't during it.  Ok-aaay.  Well, if that's the case, then we're doing good.  We got 17 million again - good.  I promised DH a tub of ice cream if he got to 20 million, but no dice.  I'm happy with 17 million though.  :)

He said I had enough estrogen for 3 follicles, but the size of one was a bit small, so it is more like I really have 2.  He seemed happy with my response though.

After the insemination (which was a breeze, we just chatted through, this time I felt NOTHING at all), he stayed and chatted for a good half hour.  (I think there was another woman waiting - oops!?  But he was in such a chatty mood.)

I asked, if this cycle doesn't work, should we be doing more testing - short answer: no.

I asked about Natural Killer cells - he gave a very interesting answer.  Dr A said basically it was hard to time the test appropriately to give a real answer, and even if you did the results are very poorly correlated with fertility outcomes.  He said basically it was all about people publishing research and making money (you pay for it yourself since it is not covered).  He said I could pay for it if I want, but he recommends against it.

I also asked about immune issues, and he said he has plenty of patients with full blown lupus that get pregnant and deliver healthy babies (ok, he said live births).  I obviously do have some immune issues as shown by my endo, but I am waaay better off than these women who still get pg.  And even if I did have them there wouldn't be anything to do about it.

He basically said we need to keep at it.  And if you reset our clock after my surgery, I suppose this is only our 2nd cycle trying, so I should quit whining, but it doesn't feel like our second cycle trying, you know?  Ok, so I will be 20% hopeful, our rough odds this cycle.

Interesting side story - he said he once had a patient who was 44 who made 51 follicles during an IVF cycle, resulting in 20 embryos.  !!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am, hopeful! Hugs!!

  2. I remain hopeful for you! Let the 2WW begin.

  3. You have lots on your side, relax and let the magic happen!

  4. Woohoo! Great news! 17 million sounds awesome! My hubby usually gets around 20-30, and we've gotten pregnant on the low side before. I am sooo hopeful for you! Very interesting about the immune stuff! Different doctors have such a different opinion about it. For most people, it doesn't seem to affect much at all, so you are probably good. Good luck in your TWW!!! :-D

  5. Sending you all the good luck vibes possible!


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