Monday, March 7, 2011


I don't know, I'm kind of bummed this morning.  It's probably just the Monday morning blues (I'm never good on Mondays).

I'm starting to question whether or not acupuncture is actually working.  My cycle still seems stuck around 26ish days.  My skin is currently terrible (ovulation has been bad since I started herbs - and yes, I ate Dorri.tos on Friday night, which have both milk and corn, both of which disagree with me, so possibly it's my own fault).  My CM seems slightly better this month, so that is good... (I did neglect to pick up some royal jelly.  I balked at the price. Which is stupid, I then went out and spent tons of money on gree.ns+ and other hippie foods.)  I've also been getting some pain in my nether regions I didn't have before.

Ah well.  I am really really looking forward to meeting this new RE in April.  I guess /scared of meeting him - what if he laughs at all my theories and brushes them aside?  Yikes.  We'll see.

Also, we spent yesterday with my VERY pregnant friend - as in, she's due today.  I tried to not let it bother me, and all the baby talk didn't bother me toooo much... but I don't know, I had envious dreams last night, and I am grumpy this morning.  I was ready to 'come out' if asked, but it seems like everyone kind of knows to steer clear of asking us anymore.

I am adjusting my 'fertility shake' recipe that I have a few mornings a week:
  • almond milk
  • banana
  • hemp protein (supposed to be very alkalising)
  • gre.ens+
  • ground black sesame
  • carob (since cocoa has caffeine :( )
  • random other fruit if I have some that are suitable (i.e., kiwi)

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