Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just another manic Thursday

Work was crazy busy today - and I sort of think it wasn't just work, it was me not reacting well to all the demands on my attention.  I rushed today.  I know I was supposed to give it up, right?  But I caved today and rushed a bit. 

I feel totally spent now.  I can't believe I have to go in tomorrow!  Bah.

Going to Shanghai will be fun and all - but there is a lot of work I have to get done before I go... and I am starting to hear things like, "Oh, make sure to put that meeting in Shanghai friendly time zone [aka, 9pm local Shanghai time] on Monday so CS can attend."

Like, WTF?   Really, my first day in China when I will be meg jet-lagged, they want me to call into a meeting?  Actually... that might be Sunday night Shanghai time.  So after a 14hr flight of not really sleeping (since I fly during the 'day'), I will be ready to crash...nope, I've got a meeting to dial in to (that I have to be on the ball for, can't just sit back and say nothing).  Yikes yikes.  I think I will have to bring this up to my boss that this is unrealistic... it sounds like an easy thing to do, you are all thinking, "Go tell your boss that is unreasonable", but our company culture makes this a hard thing - I will come off looking lazy/wimpy.

It's CD17 and I haven't seen a good LH surge yet on the strips this month.  It is usually pretty solid on CD16.  This could mean I will see a solid surge tomorrow?  Yowzas - my follicular phase doesn't need to be any longer!  And my temp is still low.  Super odd.  I think the herbs are screwing with me.


  1. When are you going to China? Exciting!! Hope the work crap eases up!

    I am sending you positive vibes for this cycle!! ((Hugs))

  2. Jetlag kills me on vacation, I can't imagine having to be coherent enough to work!

    Perhaps suggesting a meeting a little later just in case you're delayed? I also feel pressure to get things done at my work and it's definitely a place where I get pressure to get things done super fast (like marking, who knew things like spelling tests were so vital????).

  3. That sounds like something my boss would do. So unrealistic. I know too well the fear of coming across as wimpy/lazy, too...Sigh.
    Hope you see that LH surge before you go!


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