Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming clean (TMI)

So I haven't been quite upfront about this 'pain' I'm having, cuz it's
sort of embarassing. It isn't cramps - it's out the other end, so to
speak. Pain before defection - sympton of endo, so the Internet tells

And it has been like one million times worse that ever before this
month. For the last year or so (?) it was maybe a twinge now and
then. Now it is quite bad, and lasting all day/night. Something is
up. (Did the Chinese herbs do this to me?! Dunno! Or do I have a
growth or something? Dunno! Gluten? Is gluten doing this to me??)

Or maybe it has nothing to do with endo, maybe it is to do with the
time/food change? I leave this to doc Awesome to figure out.

I am the most regular person in the world - even now, with my shifted
time zone, I am still "dropping the kids off" at the same time - but
in the wrong time zone! Hahaha. I think this is contributing to this
pain I'm having all day (it comes in bursts). It is slightly better
today, thankgoodness.

JB - Yes, it is a consolation we're cycle sistas! :)
(And I expected AF for sure this month - things arn't right with me,
something is up. Let's hope Dr Awesome gets to the 'bottom' of it!
hahahah. But I'm sorry for you. Stupid AF.)

I feel like this whole IF thing has become quite abstracted lately -
it's about the little goals (like removing this pain) that will
eventually fit into the larger picture.


  1. Oh, I definitely know what pain you are talking about!!!! There were days when I still had endo where I thought that I was going to DIE because of that pain. I almost missed a meeting because of the discomfort one month.

    And yes, gluten can give you the strange pain. Before I was completely gf, I would get horrible pelvic pain whenever I ate gluten.

    We should get a t-shirt made cycle sister!

  2. Ok- this sounds HORRIBLE!! I am so sorry! I hope Dr. can help you soon!!!


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