Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally, hello LH!

Finally, CD18, my LH surged.  Sheesh.  Super late, right?  I am wondering - should I ditch my herbs?  Keep going with them?

Thankfully, it seems like we won't have the data by next Monday, so that crazy-hours meeting won't be until at least the Thursday or Friday of my trip.

Interesting thing happened today - so at work, the running joke forever (not sure why this is funny, but it was oft quoted) was that my Boss was pregnant.  For like three years this randomly gets inserted into conversation, people laugh.  She was quite good natured about it, considering they were probably TTC.  She even laughed after her endo sugery (when she was puffy) she should wear a shirt "I'm not pregnant I'm just fat".

So now she IS pregnant (and again, she's already looking like 9 mo since it's twins), the joke isn't funny, so they've moved the joke to me.  Randomly I'll out of the blue get asked if I'm pg.  I laugh it off - and really, I'm in such better shape (thanks to all you ladies!) than last fall, it doesn't really bug me, they're just being guys. (ahem, dumbasses)

But today this came up, and it was a 25 year old colleague (little C) and another colleague (big V).  Little C made a quip about me being pg, which I denied, and big V told him, "you know, some people are TTC, and they might not like such jokes".  My face ignored both of them (I was walking slightly ahead of them), but I was like "A-Ha!" - I think Mr and Mrs Big V might be TTC, and maybe they're already into it a few months (and if you'll recall, those first few months are really surprising and tend towards heart breaking).  Because in my experience, unless you've had some trouble, it doesn't even cross your mind that not everyone gets pg at the drop of a hat. 

So maybe we've got some more company.  Interesting.  Or my colleagues have figured out that although baby crazy and not particularly enthralled by work, I still walk among them, something is up.  But I prefer to think the former.

Have a good weekend! My bff is down from Ottawa for a visit, that will be so nice.  She isn't married yet (still single), so it is super hard for her to relate to IF, since she's a step behind me, but she tries to be nice.


  1. Maybe the late surge indicates something positive!!!! I am praying for ya!!

    I totally "get" the bff thing not understanding IF- mine is coming sunday/monday and she is searching hard for her DH...she cannot really relate to IF...but is awesome despite us being in "different stages of life". Have a great visit with her.

  2. And I don't think I'm asking her to totally 'get' it - upon reflection, I am in a better place, even though it is very hard sometimes. So how can I ask her to feel bad for me? I am lucky to have DH, she hasn't been as lucky (yet - she is wonderful, I'm sure she'll make a wonderful wifey/mother). Thanks for the prayers, St Rita! :) I am wont to think such a late surge means nothing great, but who knows....

  3. Hmmm, perhaps your colleague is having trouble. Would you feel comfortable talking to her?

    And I'm so glad that you don't have to go to that early meeting! Yay!

  4. Oh, no, my big V is a guy. So, no, I prob wouldn't feel comfortable talking to him at this point - maybe in a year, then they would be officially infertile... but they'd have to give other signs they were as well.

  5. It is a breath of fresh air sometimes to be around someone who does not have multiple babies under their belt their call their own your BFF is good company. She can help you not think about what you have to deal with and for a short period of time hear about and talk about other things as she is not married and ttcing or already have kids running around. I have some friends who are going to get married so they are not where I am in my life so it is nice to see them and chat about...other, going out, vacation ...hear about their questions about wondering if marriage is right for them etc..hahahah been there done that. But i dont' feel stressed about that topic..

    Yeah it is hard to work with "anyone" who is pregnant...especially when you have to see them every day! but look at it this way..she will hatch her twins in a few months they you will hear that her life is f**ked! sorry to be so rude. Just trying to put a little gigle in for you! HUGS!

  6. Wow, if he is not TTC then he is extremely insightful and that was very kind of him to say. I wish ppl would stop with the questions and comments about pregnancy to people, with 1 in 8 couples having a hard time, they are bound to insult someone. I wish more people could be like him!


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