Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not much of a lion, eh?

March is supposed to come in a like a lion - but today was GREAT!  Can't complain!

I was super tired after getting in late from Windsor on Sunday night, all day Monday I was super tired and sluggish and anxious.  I dragged myself to the gym for a 20min workout on the elliptical - I did notice right after the workout my tongue was pink and lovely!  Hrmmm... I should be working out more?  Yes.  Dr T agrees.

I walked to acupuncture, which was super nice.  Dr T did both front and back acupuncture last night - it was great!  I felt like a big puddle afterwards.  Seriously, I could barely drag my puddle-self home.

I did have some night sweats last night, but I woke up this morning feeling WONDERFUL!  Actually energetic!  :)  Yay, acupuncture!

Seeing the IF ladies on the weekend was really nice - wish I could have stayed longer, but we were on our way out of town.  There were some new faces there, that was nice.  One new lady said something I thought was so wise - essentially, she wouldn't let them do IVF on her until they proved that what was wrong with her could be overcome by IVF.  HELLO!!!  It makes so much sense.  IVF is hard on the body, is expensive, and often fails.  Why not treat the root of the problem?

We were at some friend's house on Sat - they have a 2.5 year old and a ~9 month old.  The first one was born before our TTC trouble began, so I feel like they slipped under the radar - I love playing with them, I don't get all crusty around them.  And the baby likes me!!!  (They kept saying how normally she wouldn't go to strangers... I lapped it right up!)  Man.  I want a baby!


  1. I agree with the wise woman, except they can't figure out what's wrong with me....nothing else has worked so IVF is our only choice....I wish there were guarantees....

  2. Aw, sorry SLESE. Good luck! At least you tried! No guarantees... not even with adoption, although the odds are better....

  3. Yeah, so great to see you too!

    IVF ..initally i was very gung ho about doing it but after starting and embracing my "NATURAL" and having a much better understanding about my body i decided to not go there. Yes, i agree adoption is also a no guarantee but at least i don't have to drag my body through any more harsh crazy drug protocal. Heck, i want to not find out something is wrong with my body a few years from now baby or not. Who has $$ to do more than 3 ivf's that is the average number of tries to see if the IVF even takes. 1 in a million women are lucky enough to have it work at the first try. Give me a winning lottery ticket i just might do both ivf and adoption at the same time!


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