Monday, March 28, 2011

HK now!

[Update:  I wrote all this in Shanghai, but I didn't get a chance to post until now.  I am in HK, we're staying with DH's family.]

I'm quite impressed with Shanghai, I had been toying with the idea of maybe doing a 6 month work term here - but I talked to a colleague, and it doesn't sound like health care will be doing it for me.  I don't think think (based on pure conjecture) there are a lot of REs in China - one child policy, baby selling and all that.  And it seems like if you're sick you go to the hospital (as opposed to a family doctor that knows you) - I don't think my fancy new Dr Care/Awesome setup is how it works here.  And I hear people actually go to HK to have babies (where is costs $7k CAD!).  I asked a few guys a work, they didn't know because they hadn't been sick.  Although I guess if we take a 6month break from IF in the future, it could be on the table.

It is killing me I can't comment on your blogs!  I can read them through googlereader, but all blog sites seem to be blocked.  In the next stage of my trip I don't think I'll have as much Internet access.  [Update:  I'm am super far behind - sorry, too busy for much Internet access in HK.  JB, I hope you got the house!]

So, one worrisome thing is going on at home.  My boss has mysteriously disappeared.  I am worried.  This happened two years ago at our company, an 8 mo pg lady I worked with very closely didn't come back from a doc appt one day.  A few weeks later we learned she lost the baby.  Very very sad.  (She has since had a healthy baby girl - yay! she's due back soon from mat leave).  So now anytime a pg lady just doesn't come back from a doc appt... I worry, anyway.  I know my boss had a ultrasound scheduled for Weds (we were supposed to find the genders out)...then radio silence.  Thursday there was an email from our director saying bosslady would be out for 'a while', and director could help us with anything we needed.  Bad sign.  And now bosslady's out of office has now been set and is a vauge thing about 'health reasons' and no definate time she'll be back.  Hope she's ok.  I am really hoping maybe the doc just put her on bed rest or something, and everything otherwise is ok.  Argh, just writing this is choking me up.  I may be jealous of her twins, but that doesn't mean I don't want them to be healthy.

[IF update from HK:]
So in the evenings I've been super super tired.  Last night I was falling asleep on the way home from dinner, but apparently some IF drama went down while I was sleeping (and I don't speak Chinese, so I probably wouldn't have noticed anyway!).  We were  on the way home from dinner with some extended family, and someone casually asked when we plan to have children.  DH's Mom right away said, "They're really trying hard, don't ask them about it, they'll be really angry", which instantly upset DH, so I think he (and DH's Dad) basically told her to shut up.  By saying that, she's essentially told the entire extended family we're IF.  Great.  I mean, I wouldn't have minded if she told DH's oldest uncle (who we're staying with!  9 of us in a 1000 sq ft apt!), but there were even more extended family at the meal - DH's Great-Aunt/Uncle and his first-cousins once removed.  And they're all going to Taiwan as well, so essentially everyone at the wedding will know we're IF.

But actually, I'm just glad I didn't know it was going on at the time.  I am trying to be more open about IF, and this isn't how I would have planned it, but I suppose it doesn't matter if everyone knows.  Then they can be happier for us IF we catch.  And they live in HK/Taiwan.  Not exactly close.   We have since told DH's Mom it is more appropriate to say, "Oh, kids these days.  We're not sure of their plan of when to have children."

Sorry I haven't been posting very much!  I may have time to post again in Taiwan.  Hugs!  As of CD6, still TEBB for me.


  1. Unfortunately it seems like that's how Asian families function: tell everyone all at once. After my second surgery everyone has stopped asking. I'm sure they're afraid that I will either cry or lose my mind (both of which are real options!). Perhaps now you won't have to deal with awkward questions or well-meaning jokes?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your boss! Hopefully all is okay and that she's just on bed rest!

  2. Chinese family or shall I say Chinese mentality are like that...usually everyone knows what is happening and people don't have the sense of decency to do the "do not ask policy". The culture is very gung ho about having kids and I know first hand my parents gave me pressure for a while till I yelled the hell out of them. End of story now. My grandma is like that..lets tell the entire chinese community my grand daughter is not preggo..she needs to stop using her birth control pills LOL..yes, i am serious that is what she thinks is my, i can't stop laughing now just typing this!

    No worries about the extended family or his parents. In one hand they want to know but on the other hand they don't want to speak about is like admiting that there is something wrong...that is the f***ed chinese mentality. But isn't that true for most cultures. Blah...My parents say to me...shhhhh, don't let our relatives and friends know about your problemo. And I am almost 40 but I have to be told what to say and what not to say..dont' try figuring it out..waste of time.

    As I say to my DH, good thing i don't speak his language and he does not speak my language. We both dont' need to hear what is being said about us.

    MIA,,,hope your boss is OKAY.

  3. Geez...that is horrible about your boss- I wonder what happen. Maybe she is on bedrest or something. I hope it isnt too serious! I am glad you are posting from HK- how cool!! O, and your grandmom is too funny!


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