Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jet Lag

So I'm becoming terribly anxious about jet lag on my upcoming trip.  Um, prayer buddy, if you're there, could you knock a few my way about this?

I am NOT good with time changes.  I got to bed 10-ish, sleep by 10:30-ish, up around 7:30-ish.  Like, every day.  Including most weekends.  I am a fountain of good sleep hygiene.  (Have been complimented on my sleep hygiene by my doc friend - emerg doctors work ridiculous 28 hour shifts, and thus do not have good sleep hygiene).

This means I'm not very capable of switching it up.  This week I've tried to start changing my sleeping hours, to get ready for Shanghai... and it's been a moderate disaster. 

Sunday night:  Goal was midnight, only made it to 10:30pm.  Fail.
Mon-Tues: Better, up until midnight.  Still woke up at like 7ish am.  Very tired.  Very cranky, irritable, grumpy, in the evenings.  Poor DH.
Wed:  Best, up until 1am.  Slept in until 8-ish am.  Went for a walk at 11pm (11pm!  Who goes for walks to the library at 11pm?  Scandalous!), which helped keep me up.

So I've managed to do only a slight time change, and it's been super hard on me/us (as in, right now it is 11:30pm, I want to just go to sleep.  No - must stay up until 1am.)  How on earth will I do a full 12 hours?!  I can't be grumpy and irritable around colleagues, that's just not cool.

I've done these huge time changes twice before in life - and I am one of those people that really does take a day for every hour of time change.  I predict I won't feel ok until my second week over there.  I also feel like someone punched me in the stomach when I stay up so far past my bedtime, and I don't just become irritable, I can easily descend into a mess, where I somewhat resemble a toddler.  It isn't pretty.... I just hope it doesn't get that far.

In other IF news:  today I saw Dr T.  Last week we had talked about a grand review of my progress, which she did.  We talked about it, and while some of my other symptoms have gotten slightly better, there hasn't been too much overall improvement.  So we agreed, I am going to Dr Awesome when I get back, and from there we'll wait and see what he figures out (if anything).

She's with me on my thoughts on endo, so if he agrees and finds endo, only then I think I would go back to her for more treatment, for that specific case.  For I seem to be stumping her.

Which makes me worry I don't have something simple wrong... if I have some obscure genetic issue or something, I'm out.  We're adopting.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?


  1. I go to China about twice a year- one week at a time (business trip, nothing fun about it). The jet lag is a killer, I know! From my experience, the jet lag going to China is not too bad- the adrenaline keeps you awake once you get there. So I wouldn't be too worried. Also, you should keep in mind you have a looooong flight to get there. So I think it's more important what you do during the flight (sleep wise) than how you "train yourself" before leaving Canada. Coming back from China.....THAT is the real killer! I am still trying to figure out a way of making that bearable success so far. anyway, have a great trip!

  2. Thanks for the tip, lulia! So... would you say I should or shouldn't sleep during the flight? Leaves here at 1:45pm, arrives there 4pm on Sunday....

  3. when you go to a foreign country you want to adhere to their time zone right away. So if you arrive at 4pm by the time you do check in at hotel take shower unpack it will be around 7-8 pm (?)(not too sure since I dont know anything about shanghai airport, i only fly through HK. If you tell me the hotel adress I can find out how much time it will roughly take u). WHATEVER you do DO NOT go to bed before 10 PM. If you go to bed at 10 China time you will be almost OK the next day.

    So basically your sleeping during the flight should be in such a way that you dont sleep the last 8 hours of the flight. so my recomandation would be: you either sleep once you board for 2-3 hours or you dont sleep at all.

    Regardless what you do in China (manage to stay awake till 10 PM), my advise is: do not bother to alter your sleeping patters now. The 12 hours flight will destroy all this work/effort you put now.

    Have a safe flight. When in shanghai if you have any questions, pls let me know and i will try to find out answers for u.

  4. Thanks for all the tips, Lulia! :)

  5. I stumped my Naturopath too, After I finally finished a year of cleansing and acupuncture and 3 months with the herbs and STILL wasn't pregnant she said "oh gosh, that has not happened before". I for SURE thought it was something really REALLY wrong with me. Turns out it was the Endo which we got cleared and moved on to try other things (still using my naturopath to complement). I can not wait to hear what Dr. Awesome says and I really hope your able to adjust to the new time schedule on your vacation!!!

  6. I've spent time in Asia and I didn't find the adjustment upon arriving there too bad, either...coming back SUCKS, though - make sure you build in a few days to recalibrate before having to return to work if possible. How long will you be in China?

    I'm glad you're seeing Dr. Awesome. How long have you been seeing Dr. T?

    Wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip!


  7. I am the biggest baby when it comes to time change! I have a hard time with little shifts! I can only imagine a huge one like going to China!!!

    I wish that I had my surgery sooner in my TTC journey. My endo was bad and I suspect that it's back (but not as bad since my pain is minimal). The lap is not a big deal, if you can get one, get one soon!


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