Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So impressed/not impressed

So I met my DH's doc today for the will-you-be-my-new-doc appointment.

I was so impressed.

She was really calm and friendly and approachable.  She offered to fax my records transferal to my old clinic and we made an extra copy for me to go in person with (since she knows they lose faxes all the time, etc.)  She said a few times during the conversation - "Our priority right now is to get you pregnant!" - I loves!  She even said she would look through my records when they come in to see if I'm missing any obvious test, which she could order and I could do before I leave for Asia, so the results would be ready for my new RE appt.  And she offered to fax the new RE a letter explaining I'm transferring docs.   Great!  I'm going to call her Dr Care.

But then...

I stopped in at my old clinic for records transfer.  They said it would take, "oh...one week maybe.  Maybe two.  It depends."

I was not impressed.

Well, this isn't the end of the world, if they haven't transferred documents by mid next week, I'll call and move my RE appt - hopefully it will only mean a week or two push out.  But seriously - two weeks to print out some records?  WTIF?!


  1. Think positive C!!!! A good relationship with a good doctor is so valuable!!!

    Are they going to charge you for the records transfer? I hate it when they do that!

  2. Sending you positive vibes!! Your Dh's doc sounds really nice! VERY RARE!

  3. I am loving Dr. Care! So important to have someone that you feel "good" about!


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