Friday, March 4, 2011

We doin' the doctor Shuffle!

Yesterday I knocked several things off the list.

I got my Hep A/B vaccination yesterday!  Check!
And while I was there, I went to my family doc's reception to ask about the referral (yes, it's been two weeks, I have been calling and talking to them on the phone sporadically for the last week), and the clinical assistant said she faxed it.  Yay!

Then I mosey'd down to the embassy - wow, what a crazy place.  After an hour or two just standing around, I finally dropped off our passports.

But the bigger news is that I went with DH for his hep booster, and I met his nice family doc.  DH is really pushing for me to move to her, he's very impressed with her and the clinic she is in.  I'm not super impressed with my family doc, and DH is very unimpressed with my family doc's clinic. 

I was sort of tepid about this change, until I met his family doc - she's really nice.  And she just talked to us for like 10-15 min - she didn't rush off, there was no sign on the wall saying "Only one question per visit", she actually called DH back to answer some question and they talked on the phone - I likes.  Oh, and the appt was at 6:45pm - yeeeehaw!  (One warning flag though - she said "Oh, you'll probably get pg if you stop trying.".  Um.  I think if I have a prelim appt with her I will tell her that breaks little IF hearts when people say that.)

So I think I am going to switcheroo.  The only thing holding me back was the fact that my doc is a 5 min walk from my house, and DH's doc is a 30 min walk... but that is stupid.  I can deal with a 30 min walk.  (My legs are not broken.)

On to even bigger news - Dr Awesome's office called me today.  I have an appt!  She started by saying end of March, but I told her I was abroad until mid-April, so I have an appt the week we're back from Asia!  She said the first appt will be 1.5-2 hours.  I will repeat - 1.5-2 hrs.  Yay!  That means he must actually want to talk to us (DH has to go to the appt as well - good!) and review our history.  The receptionist even said they would possibly do an ultrasound that afternoon.
YAY!  We spent a total of like 10 minutes talking to Dr. Bad over the last many months.  Prelim appt with Dr Bad was just "Hi, I don't need to see your BBT charts, go for blood work/sonohistogram."  Second appt was, "Your tests are ok, call IVF Canada to schedule an IUI".  Lame.  And seriously, I waited months for each appointment. 

Now for the snag - I of course have to get my records transferred to the two new docs - and given how hard it was for them to fax one piece of paper, I am worried this is going to be a monster undertaking.  And I leave in two weeks. 

Stay tuned.  :)


  1. What great news!!!!! I'm hoping that it isn't a wrestling match to get your records!

  2. oh gosh, how long are you away for? is it a terribly long time so you don't want to wait. Maybe you can just go to the office and pick up the records and take them to the new office (thats what I did cause everyone is so freakin disoraginized). I love that you will have such a long appointment, that means this doc will actually get to know you!

  3. Yeah, probably pick up your records and bring it to them, gosh, time crunch! Hope all goes well for you! Enjoy your FANTASTIC TRIP!

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  5. Thanks Ersilia! I love it if there's science to back it up! That is a some good info. :)


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