Tuesday, March 15, 2011

White Sugar

So I admit it, I'm a bit of a nutrition nerd.

Something happened today that totally flabbergasted me.

My boss came into a meeting with some fresh fruit.  Blueberries and raspberries and such.  I was thinking, "Good for her, snacking on something healthy for a change!"
And then, she left the room, and came back with sugar packets!  She proceeded to dump like three packets of WHITE SUGAR on FRUIT.

My eyeballs popped out of my head.  I think I even sputtered something like, "But that's SO bad for you!" then realized it is not my place, and quickly transitioned into work talk.

Really?  White sugar?  On FRUIT?  That isn't good for anyone.  Nevermind that she's preg, you can set that aside.  Nevermind that she probably had bad enough endo to be infertile for a while.  It is bad for you if you are not TTC at all!  It is bad for you if you're a MAN, baby!

So I like to think most educated people that speak English have gotten the newsflash that white sugar, white bread, white rice, etc., is bad for you.  But I still see these random examples that astound me.  And sure - what is 'healthy' is different for different people, there are different levels of healthy, certainly.  And I myself prefer white sugar to high fructose corn syrup if I only have the choice between the two (and somehow choosing neither is out).  But... fruit is already sweet!!

It's not to say I'm perfect (yes, the view from my high horse is lovely, thank you), or that there shouldn't be 'sometimes foods' - I love sometimes food, I've eaten quite a lot of pie in the last few days....  but really.  Food is fuel for your bod, not just something that tastes good. 

I even pray that my lenten prayer buddy is eating healthy, even though she has bigger things on her plate.  But I can't help slipping it in!

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled 2WW.  My temp rose in one day instead of it's usual two days - so that's good!!  If it wasn't for this mysterious abdomen pain, I would think maybe this isn't such a bad cycle after all.  They do say a long cycle often precedes a lucky cycle....!  So I'm hoping AF can hold off a few extra days this month.


  1. Sometimes I put organic cane sugar on my grapefruit :(
    To be honest though I probably would have said something to her....white sugar on fruit??? insanity!!! I think the view on your high horse is exactly right....no white sugar on fruit :)

    GO CYCLE GO!!!!!

  2. Gross.. white sugar on fruit..who does that. Dude, give her some cane sugar next time or a book..she needs some education..hmmm probably not as she is your boss. oh well. that is her loss not educating herself about nutrition especially that she is preggo! Pass me that box of sugar...JUST KIDDING! yeah, i stay away from white sugar too.

  3. Ha ha, I am from the UK originally and when I was younger we would go strawberry picking and then come home and have a big bowl of white sugar to dip it in and then into clotted cream. I don't do it now, but this was how I was brought up.

  4. I will just say this when we all starting ttcing..we all had to cut ALOT of stuff from our diet and become nutrition gurus..hell i'm half vegan now (sorry, i still need my organic hormone free chicken sometimes) so i'm flirting with veganism. Heck 6 years ago i would think i would be crazy to even go there! LOL we can all earn a PHD in healthy living!

  5. Give the woman some Agave Syrup! healthier!

  6. Ps--praying for you during this 2WW...((hugs))


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