Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter, as my Aunt always says! (And then she'll shake your hand, and you'll come away with a little chocolate egg.  Love it!)

So, my dear DH is scheduled for his surgery May 10th.  So soon!  He got someone's cancellation - so it's either do it May 10 or in the fall.  I think after surgery it will be like 3-6months before we can expect good spermies.

So I am thinking it is like this cycle or bust.  (Well, by 'bust' I mean wait 6 months - which seems like a long time at this point).  I have a physical with Dr A on Tuesday, so I'll talk it over with him.  But basically the surgery is before we could do an IUI - I will be at the end of my monitoring cycle.  So I guess I will pull out all the 'stops' this month!  No more wine for me - until we're in spermy re-creation time (post surgery), then I can have a glass here or there again.

I am slightly worried we're rushing into this surgery.  It feels so fast!  One minute, everything is amazing on the male side, next minute we have severe MF and he's going in for surgery!  Yikes yikes yikes.

On a more positive IF note, a friend of ours who got pg after they had been trying a "long time" (I was skeptical - "long time" can be like four months for some people) - well, it actually turns out they had been trying for  2.5 years.  And she finally caught after she quit her job.  A few months later - preggo!  :)


  1. Happy Easter to you too!!!!

    How great that your dh was able to have his surgery so soon! You know how our healthcare system can be, he could've been in the queue for a LONG time. I think this a sign of good things to come!

  2. Thanks for the +ve thoughts, JB! I am worried the surgery won't really help, it will just be a lot of hassle (and pain for poor Mr CS) with no results... but you look on the bright side! Good! :) [Still love our health care though - remember, surgery will be $0, and all my wanding is $0! Love it!]

  3. Happy Belated Easter to you!

    Amazing luck with getting into the cancellation slot! Hope it bodes well for you!

    BTW- I left you an award on my page. I love reading your blog!


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