Sunday, April 17, 2011

A tip from your Aunt Flo!

"Hi Sweetie!  I'm back for a visit!"

"Hey Aunt Flo."

"Here's a tip for all your blog sisters for when I'm visiting - if you're uncomfortable when I'm around, put a hot water bottle between the thighs, not on your bad or abdomen.  That way blood flows away from the troubled area, instead of more blood pooling there."

"Thanks Aunt Flo.  That does work - 10 minutes of hot water bottle on the thighs and I usually feel better.  So... I thought we talked about you waiting longer in between visits?"

"Yeah, I wasn't really feeling that, sweetie.  I got a bit mixed up with you switching time zones and all."


  1. You're too funny!!!!

    Miss you yesterday! Hope the jetlag is getting under control!

  2. See, I need to take lessons from you when AF are so hysterical!!!! Here is to next month!!!!!!!


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