Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Records, records, where art thou?

Hello Ladies! 
I'm home!  :)  I got home Sunday - I am still jet lagged (thus I am writing this at 3:30am), but dealing with it ok so far.

I got sick in Taipei, so I spent our last day in Taipei pretty much in the hotel bedroom with a slight fever (thankfully it had the fluffiest bed of our 8 hotel journey, so my achy skin could rest easy).  That means I still have a gross chest cough - yuck.

This morning I bit the bullet and have finally figured out what cycle day I'm on - today is CD21.  And my boobs are SORE (have to be careful when hugging DH).  And this is without any Chinese herbs - which I think is good, that means I'm boob-sore-ing on my own, which I take to be a good sign.  (Not a pg sign, I am no longer so naive, but still, I think it means progesterone is rising...?)

During my vacation, I didn't really check my tongue (since I was on an IF vaca), but towards the end of my trip I did check it - and it was MARVELOUS!  I'm pretty sure it was perfect.  Even though I was sick, it was still smooth and pink.

After first day of work - tongue was awful and red at the tip and all gross.  Sigh.

So - first the good work news.  Bosslady's twins are ok!  Yay!  Turns out Bosslady had a mild stroke or seizure, possibly due to extra blood volume due to pg/+twins, so her doc ordered bed rest until the twins come.  Good for her, I think.  She was in the hospital for I think like 3 days or more - yikes.

But, with Bosslady gone, they will be relying on me more.  They are hiring someone new to help, and a manager will rotate in to cover us... but essentially it will be me leading the show from a technical standpoint.  Ugh.  Much more work and responsibility than I am looking for right now.  And Director mentioned I may be promoted in 2012... to me this seems rather far off, and a lot of work (STRESS) between now and then....

I mentioned to Director that I am worried about the stress, and I don't deal with stress very well.  And she seemed to understand... but offered no real solutions.  At least I've raised it with her.  Depending on how the next few weeks go, I may have to raise it with her again, and potentially put quitting on the table...

Who our new manager will be is still a mystery that should be revealed this week.  So... I guess I will wait it out to see who that person is before making any drastic changes???

Today IF drama is that my records still haven't been received by Dr Care, so she obviously can't have forwarded them on to Dr Awesome yet.  My doc Awesome appt is Wednesday!  Augh!  Turns out I had a voicemail from my old family doc's office on Apr 6th saying they were going to mail my records until I called and told them I wanted them treated differently.  Well, I was of course abroad and didn't get that message, but I WANTED THEM TREATED DIFFERENTLY.  Yikes.  I am really cutting it close to the wire here.  Without those records the appointment will be pointless.  I am going to try and call old doc's office today, and see if they still have a copy of the records and could they fax them.  There is a chance Dr Care may get them today... really, the mail should only take about 2 days, the clinics are on the same street (my street, actually!  hah!) for goodness sake!


  1. So glad that you made it home safe and sound, despite getting sick :(

    I will never understand why sending records can be so freaking complicated. I'm hoping that your old doc's office can get themselves organized so you can have a good appointment!

  2. WELCOME BACK! yeah, will see you this friday at our yoga session! Do share with me some of your fantastic greek vegan recipie! i need some inspiration to cook! I'm also looking for recipies for glueten free...

    Doctor referral..what a drag! they are so unorganized! hope you will get this stuff moving along soon!


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