Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello from Taiwan!

I am taking a total vaca from IF for this trip. I am playing I am like a normal person - I can drink coffee, a glass of wine, eat whatever seafood I want (I have been absconding from Tuna for years now, due to high mercury). Some days we have lots of walking and excersise, other days not - meh, whatever! I don't even know what CD I am on! AHAHHA - shocker!

I even went in the hot springs at the hotel! [We were in a super ghetto hotel at the last city we stayed in - hengChung. Now we are in a super nice hotel in Taitung. Phew! No mildew smell - that was really creeping me out!] Ok, ok - I was super careful not to get too hot, and I didn't go in the super hot pool for more than 1 min. And I was watching DH like a hawk such that his man bits didn't get overheated. Hope they didn't!

JB - Yoga retreat sounds AWESOME! Vegan food and hiking and yoga sounds super chill. A pause! Excellent! Sounds like just what you need. And can I urge you not to spend adoption money on a house? [Update:  I've been thinking about this comment all day - it is too nosey-pants.  Sorry.  Do want you want.]   I keep thinking about what you said I want to be pregnant or be a Mom..? Interesting...
(haha - see, I may be trying to take an "IF vacation", but clearly it is still in my thoughts...I'm just toning down to 20% from 80%...and a secret part of me thinks maybe it is all just stress, and if I just chillax and do whatever I will magically get pg....which is silly, but it is just so EASY for so many people!)

Hugs ladies!


  1. You are in our thoughts too and I really was hoping your vacation would be a vacation from IF as well. I would have made an equally nosey-pants comment a few weeks ago had a known it was a possibility....I would have said - GO IN THE HOT SPRINGS, THROW AWAY YOUR CHARTS, ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY......On that note, I am happy we are all getting to know each other well enough that we can make nosey-pants comments


  2. Coffee and wine and seafood! yay! now that is what i call a vacation!..i've been having a glass or two of wine...needed a vacation myself away from IF.

    Missed you at our fertility yoga last night!

    Continue to have a fantastic trip!


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