Monday, April 25, 2011


Prayer buddy reveal!!

So I was praying for Hebrews 11:1!!  :)  FUN!  She's like a super star of Catholic IF bloggers.  And things are looking up for her!  :)

On the flip side, My Heart Exults was praying for me!  She is like a professional lenten prayer buddy - excellent!  I'm so grateful to her for all her prayers this lent!  :)

I've another wanding scheduled for tomorrow.  My follicles and levels looked "great" yesterday (CD8). So...uh...all that gel they use for wanding... is that spermie-safe?  Should I bring some prese.ed and ask them to use that?  Is that ridonculous?  Ok, I am being too hyper.  It will only be CD10.  I will probably ovulate CD15-16, that will be too long for spermies to last anyway.

I also have a physical with Dr A scheduled.  I'm sort of intimidated.  I think he was training a new wander on Sunday, so he was there as well - and he was kind of mean and short tempered with her.  Like a smart guy that has no patience for slow people.  Yikes.  Well.... I suppose it is good to have a smart guy on your team, it's not like I have to go out for coffee with him.

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  1. So glad about your follies!!! To my knowledge, yes that crap they use (secular offices) is not good- Napro offices dont use stuff to damage sperm. The first US series I had to go to a secular office for my Cd5 US and I had that experience and never went back- now I travel 1.5 hours to get my US from a napro office.


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