Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So I had my first wanding/blood test on Tuesday, guess when my next is scheduled for??  Easter Sunday!!  I don't know why this seems so shocking to me, but it does.

I guess I don't really have anything new to report.  I am now at the TEBB stage of things (Tail End Bleeding...B?  What does the B stand for?).  It was weird, I felt oddly cramp-y this afternoon, even though that shouldn't be the case at this stage in the cycle.

They keep saying everything looks excellent.  I suspect I will have an excellent cycle (Murphy's law or the acupuncture kicking in?), and they will blame everything on my poor DH.  DH may be having surgery to help correct his issue, I want to ask Dr Awesome his opinion.  I will be seeing him Tuesday for my physical, so they tell me.  I'm sort of impressed they go to the trouble of a physical.  Although I don't expect he'll find anything amiss (other than these weird pressure headaches I've been getting, but I don't think those are related to fertility).

I have decided to try and go gluten free for 60 days, and see if anything seems different.  I have been reading lately about how gluten sensitivity can be sub-clinical... in which case, waiting to go to a doc and take a test isn't really going to work so well.

In flour mill news, you CAN mill popcorn and get corn flour, which can then be turned into tasty cornbread.  :)


  1. You have tail end brown bleeding? when, during the end of your cycle OR end of your period? I have both- but progesterone help with my TEBB at end of my cycle and the antibodic is helping with my TEBB at the end of my period.

    good your first wanding huh....You will be a pro in not time!

  2. Gotta love the dildo cam! ;)

    I took two different antibiotics in the attempt to get rid of my TEBB. It wasn't until my second surgery that it went away, at least until two months ago.

    Maybe you can use the breaking techniques that we're learning at fertility yoga to get your mind off of the ultrasound!

  3. BROWN! Of course. Antibiotics? Oy vey.

  4. 60 days!!! thats a good length trial, please post how its going, I love challenges. Last year I did a 60 day meditation challenge, it was hard but well worth it. I am sure you will feel the same way about your challenge. I hope they don't place any 'blame' on your hubby, sometimes I feel like they take it a little harder then us (SOMETIMES). I always found that I thought of any problem/diagnosis as OUR diagnosis when it was his, and MINE when it was mine. Its so hard to not play the blame game with ourselves. I too had TEBB, never went away.


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