Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, after about a million phone calls yesterday (if I heard my phone ring I would dash rudely away from whoever I was talking to, then walk away with my phone lest anyone overhear any IF language), both DH's and my records are sorted, and should be at Doc Awesome's now.  I will just do one more follow up phone call this morning to confirm.   Phew!

Thanks for the tip Teresa - we totally have that cough syrup, although we call it 'Nin Jiom' (in my badass non-Chinese accent).  I actually bought some Nim Jiom cough drops in Hong Kong, and they helped with the sore-throat part of the sickness.

I actually tried the hydrogen peroxide in the ear tip I got off the Internet last night... I'm feeling slightly better this morning (yet it is still on that jet lag aspect!) we'll see if that keeps up!  :)

So, something else on my IF mind is an upcoming '1 month' party on Sunday for a friend.

This friend and I (will call her... Tansly...) have sort of a long and complicated relationship.  We are technically part of a wonder trio from University which includes my Maid of Honour (hereinafter to as MOH).

Tansly moved away (about 3 hour drive) to do a pHd, and over the years I've really felt like I've been putting a lot more effort into keeping in touch than her, she'd often not-return phone calls or ignore Skype messages... which I was not too hung up about, she was busy in school after all.

But then there was this period of a few months when there was total radio silence from Tansly.  No one heard from her.  There were only a few morose  comments on facebook now and then - everyone was worried.  And I did my darnest to contact her - phone, Skype, I even sent a card with supportive sayings - we were on the edge of just showing up in her town to find out what the heck is UP (some logistical trouble was holding us back).

She finally did emerge from radio silence to say she had been having a lot of drama at school (kicked out of pHd after 4 years in, but then was allowed to finish in the next 8 months)... then a week later, the announcement - engaged and - complete shocker to me - preggo.  Part of the radio silence they'd been deciding whether or not to keep the baby.

We were already trying so hard at this point.  I was so jealous. I am still so jealous.  This is a good example of 'life's not fair'.  Her and her boyfriend to my knowledge (although we weren't in close touch) weren't super super solid, she had her pHd to finish up with a definite timeline - and she's just not that maternal in my estimation.  No playing with other people's babies and talking about baby stuff... that was me. 

Her wedding was awful for me.  There were like 4 preggos there (and a pg announcement - yes, they got pg their 1st month of trying), and another good friend of ours kept saying, "Oh, just go off birth control for 4 months, you'll be pg in no time" over and over (not that I asked, she was encouraging MOH to get pg - which will skewer me if it happens).  Needless to say, I ended up crying on MOH's shoulder in the parking lot for a while.

I am sure Tansly is doing a wonderful job (the baby is actually like maybe 6 months old), but... I don't know, I just can't take any of it.  I pulled myself together to be part of a shower gift, but I asked someone else to get it, I just sent my portion of the gift in cash to the lady that got it.  And all her cute baby facebook posting I can't bring myself to 'like'.  For some reason (probably cuz she is close to me and it was an accident), I really can't take this one.  Now it is me ignoring Tansly's IM/emails....

So on Sunday we will go.  But I am being rude.  sigh.  IF.  Well, maybe actually writing all this up has made me feel better.  Maybe I can not be such a drama queen on Sunday.

Anyhoo, doc Awesome today!  Very excited!  Like a nerd, I've decided to take notes and have a list of questions and take action items if there are any.  I figure, IF is so important to me, why am I running meetings at work (that are less important) with much more professionalism than my own life??


  1. Good luck today! I'll be thinking of you!

  2. What a tough situation with your friend! It seems like so many of us IF'ers have friends that get pg on a lark while we try so hard with no results. It is so frustrating! I hope your visit on Sunday goes well.

    So excited about your visit to Dr Awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Good luck at Dr. Awesome!

  4. Good luck with Dr. Awesome!
    Yep, it is hard to hear about someone we know getting pregnant..i'm working with someone right now who is preggo #2. But, luckily she is leaving the job in a few months! I mean she is a nice person and all but i don't think i can go thorough working with her while watching her belly grow a 2nd time! blah. I had a staff meeting recently and at the staff potluck i just ate myself sick..each time i saw her happiness and glowiness and of course listening to her talk about her nausea...i know sounds stupid i want to feel nauseaus but if going thorough that and knowing i'm 3 months preggo i'll live with it!

    Good luck on sunday girlfriend!

    Hey r u coming to our meetup this coming sat? Hope u will.

  5. hope Doc Awesome is as Awesome as his name suggests!! Thinking of you today....


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