Monday, January 30, 2012

Grumpy day

Things are progressing.  No triplets on the horizon!  (Boooo-urns!)

By the numbers:
  • Lining 6.6mm.  She said was good, but I think I would like it thicker right now?  You'd think with all that estrogen floating around it would be nice and thick!  Doesn't estrogen make the lining?
  • 3 follies left on the Left - biggest is 16mm, others are 11mm - they will probably drop down
  • 1 follie left on the Right - also 16mm.  The 16mm part is probably good for C10, but I am dissapointed more follies didn't make the trip!
  • Estrogen is 933.  Like, woah.  Is this why I am CRANKY today?!  I managed not to actually be rude to anyone, but man, was I feeling rude!  I woke up angry, even.  Not angry at DH or anything, just angry I had to get up.  Ah, Mondays.  Felt better after lunch with an old school friend.
  • LH 4.9 (so not close to ovulation - why do I need to go back in 2 days then?  I'd prefer to wait 3, but that is neither here nor there.  The less wanding and downtown traffic the better.)
  • Progesterone 3.9.  Does it seem weird it went down?  Or does that make sense because estrogren is flying high?  
  • FSH 3.1.  I continue to not know what this means.
  • CM:  0  None.

My Dad and step Mom are coming tonight (from 3.5hrs away!) for DH's birthday dinner.  :)  Should be fun.  They just come for dinner, we go out, they leave in the morning.  I try to get them interesting in doing something in the city, but no dice yet.  House is tidy while we wait for them (traffic, wee little bit of snow happening here tonight).

Ok ladies, pray my two good follicles stay that way!  I'll take twins!  :)


  1. Sorry it was an angry day.
    Everything I have is crossed for you.
    Happy bday to DH!!!

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated. I find your results interesting. I honestly don't know a lot about the specific numbers but the big picture looks promising! I checked my CD10 ultrasounds in the past and my lining was right around 7 or 8 at that time as well. Grow, follicles, grow!!!

  3. Grow righty and lefty....twins!! Yes!! Grow...grow...God bless ya with that estrogen goodness!!!!

  4. Go follies, go! I know a girl who had 2 follicles and got triplets, btw :-) Your lining sounds great! It will grow quickly, like 1-2mm per day. Keeping my fingers crossed tight! Hurry up and get in the TWW with me haha :-)


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