Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bad Dreams

It is already CD19.  Amazing how fast a cycle goes when you're not trying.  I mean, sure, we BD'd on an appropriate day, but we all know nothing will come of it.  I am just hoping AF comes nice and on time so she is fully outta here by the surgery date.  Dr Love said it is best to not be on AF so he can take a good look around the uterus.

Oddly, the boobies are not yet sore.  Once they start, I will start prog cream again - but only until ~CD24, so AF will come on time - don't want to delay her.  Or hrm, maybe I'll start some prog cream tomorrow - I really can't believe how this cycle has flown by.  Hardly any 'pinches' during the follicular phase, also weird.

So I woke up feeling terrible after this dream I had last night.  I dreamt my cousin casually announced they were pg.  This is relevant because his wife (they have been married ~ 6 months) has SUPER bad endo, and I think perhaps only 1 ovary - in short, all sorts of lady troubles.  So in my dream I was shocked, and after they left cried boo hoo into a pillow.  But really - I need to get my head out of my as$.  I should be super happy for them if they conceive.  Period.

I need to get over this jealousy thing.  I think it comes down to that I am super jealous when I here people are pg (unless it is an IF-er).  Jealousy is a lame emotion, it only leads to bad things.  DH thinks it is bad karma for us not to be happy when people are pg - maybe he is right.  But how to get over it?  How have y'all dealt with jealousy?

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  1. Jealousy comes with IF, so don't feel too guilty. I wish I could tell you that I had a magic solution for dealing with jealousy, but I don't. My best therapy is blogging!


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