Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adoption Seminar, Day 2

10 wks, 6 days

Day 2 was good as well.  I am feeling more comfortable, getting to know some other couples there.

I thought of something I should have mentioned yesterday - infertility.  It wasn't a huge deal.  I was worried we'd have to go into our back stories about 'why' we were looking at adoption.  Nope.  It was mentioned as a reason people adopt, but not focused on.  I really liked that.   When I first found out we had to do PRIDE training, I had horrible visions of boo-hoo-fests about infertility - that just isn't the focus.

We did today talk about loss, and acknowledge some of the loss associated with adoption - including what we would lose not giving birth to this child.

DH and I are more excited.  I'm starting to get this sense of "Yes, there are issues associated with adopting slightly older children through CAS.  Here are some tools to deal with them."  - instead of sort of being thrown to the wolves.

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