Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adoption Training Cometh!

10 weeks, 3 days

It seems like ages ago we signed up for adoption training (PRIDE).  But here we are - Friday is our first day.  We decided it would be super crazy to back out of adoption training - there is no guarantee Appleseed is going to stick.

And PRIDE training lasts forever - as in we'll never need to renew it.  So maybe we will adopt in the future, then this would be money well spent.  In case you are curious, it costs $1400+tax, and includes free coffee.

I'm not sure what to expect - I will keep you posted.  We're going into this without much background study.  I haven't read any adoption books or anything, so really all my education will come from these sessions.

We've already had some homework to read - case studies of three different children in different circumstances.

I also don't want to come off as the jerk preggo in the room.  I would certainly have been resentful of a preggo.  I would have seen it as competing for the same babies, when the preggo doesn't 'need' one.

We are also open to fostering a child in the future.  This training might also help with that.  One of my Uncles was fostered for many years, then my Grandma adopted him.  (To be frank, I think they needed the money, and that's why the put off adoption - 10 mouths are a lot to feed!)

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  1. Good luck! I hope it goes well! I think it's awesome that you're still doing it!


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