Friday, September 7, 2012

First midwife visit!

8 weeks, 5 days

I still can't believe this is happening to me!

So my midwife (it is a collective) works out of an old Victorian house!  Hahha - what a bunch of hippies - I love it.  Very relaxed.  It is about a 6 min drive away - can't complain.  ;)

We talked about a lot of things, but these were some highlights:

-She first asked me why I chose a midwife.  I said I prefer the close relationship, and knowing she wasn't rushing me because she had a golf game coming up.  I prefer the initial post-natal visits right at my house.  And after having read outcomes for mom and baby are better with a midwife than an OB, I would be a little nervous going with an OB (assuming a normal pregnancy continues).  She was down with all that.
-She thinks I should move to a preggo vitamin.  She does not hold with the 'Preg Vit' that is commonly available from your doc, because she is concerned the levels of folic acid are actually too high.  Also I don't like them because they contain talc and colouring, so that's cool with me.
-She said my slight cramping, abdominal pains, crazy thirst, funny breathing - all fine
-She felt my lmyph node (which is swollen, and has been painful since like CD18), and said it was ok but we'd watch it
-She said if I go to the hospital, as long as there is no transfer of care, there would be no nurses in and out.  This greatly calms me - nurses can make you or break you, I don't like the element of chance to it.
-I would just have appts with her until...some later date (28 weeks? In my head that is just "far away"), then I will alternate with my backup midwife, so I get to know her as well.
-She said I can go on the family trip to Vietnam!  (I will be 23 weeks)  She is just concerned with the length of flight (in terms of blood clots), and being careful about drinking only bottled water and trying to eat only cooked food.
-She said I can go on the choir trip to New York!  (I will be 32 weeks)  She said that is a fine time to travel - and heck, I'll have my midwife with me! (and a backup)

Overall it was great.  She was very non-judgmental about all my choices - even though most of my choices right now are "I'm not sure yet" - she said there is no hurry.  In terms of choosing whether or not to have a home birth, she said I don't need to decide until I'm 8cm dilated!  I like that.

Right now I am leaning towards not having genetic testing, which is the next major decision - she supports that fully, and understands.  She also said if I change my mind that's fine.


  1. What, what, what, what...I am so sorry I missed this!!!!! Oh my goodness, congratulations. I have been meaning to get over here for awhile, but with everything else, it slipped the radar screen. My apologies. Congratulations again!

    On a different note, thank you so much for all of support and encouragement during our recent trial. I really appreciate all your comments. God Bless and Grow, baby, GROW!

  2. Okay, I just went back and read all of the posts since you got a BFP. Again, I am sorry that I didn't see this earlier. You must think I was a complete jerk never commenting on your great news. Please forgive me! I am so excited for you. Later this afternoon we are burying little John Mary and I needed some good news to cheer me up. This is GREAT news!

    Picking out baby names - that was so fun for us too! Enjoy every moment. When you get to around 14 or 16 weeks you can borrow one of my heart dopplers if you want to. I actually have 2 and I don't need either of them now (for obvious reasons). Jenny at All Things has one of them, but I just got the other one back and could send it to you. IT would be pretty good at picking up the heartbeat of Appleseed around 14 weeks. It was such a blessing to be able to hear our little Baby B whenever I wanted to. Just let me know. You can send me an e-mail anytime if you do want to borrow it - I would love to send it to you.

    Okay, off to get ready for the, hoo...
    But I will offer a prayer at the funeral mass for your little one.
    God Bless! - Marie (JBTC)


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