Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Rubber Band Connection

This post is all about pg - you may want to skip it.


Oh My Gosh.  Here I am.  12 weeks!  Yowzas!  Hooray!  Midwife appt tomorrow!

The Appleseed is the size of a lime this week.  I am sort of shocked - that is huge!  Go Appleseed, go!

I've been having trouble closing my pants all week, so Monday I tried the 'rubber band method' of holding one's pants together.

 (this is just a pic from the Interweb, this is not me.)

I loooove the rubber band method.  I looove my pants not cutting into my belly - so comfy!  My boss offered me her belly band, and that will be great if she brings it in, but the rubber band has given me much comfort this week.  I can't quite decide if I'm 'showing'.  Certainly in the evenings my tummy seems large...but in the mornings, not always so much.  More like - after a big Christmas dinner.

I've bought a few loose tops at a discount store to hide the fact that my pants aren't done up.  I am not planning to announce at work for a week+ yet, so I need to keep this up for a while yet.  Not that I'll be able to show the rubber band after, but at least I won't have to pretend I've just had a few too many french fries lately!

I'm also not interested in spending a ton of money on maternity clothes, so I'm hoping once we announce to more friends people will offer me their old clothes.  :)  My boss offered me some clothes of her sister in law (or someone?), that is nice, but I'm not sure it is going to happen, we'll see.

My boss has been really nice lately.  We have whispered conversations about pg now and then.

I'm still getting morning sickness.  I've had no vomitus drama, but I've been feeling dizzy/nauseous...oh, well, still quite often.  Most of Thursday I felt sick, and all through choir practise.  Yikes!  The good news is that Thursday morning at work I had been thinking(/worrying) "I feel a bit too normal, I wonder if Appleseed is ok?", then WHAM, I felt pretty sick all day.  :)  Is ok, I'll take it.  I know you can feel sick if your baby is actually not ok, but the trend is a good sign at least, I've got to think.  (ps - Ginger tea?  Seems to have no effect on me)

I think Appleseed would like me to eat more (?), but it is hard - I have just a regular appetite.  So far it seems like I've gained about 2 pounds - totally ok.  I had to get up last night and eat at 4am, I just wasn't sleeping and felt a bit empty - despite going to bed full.  And I'm still thirsty like a maniac, so most of that is fluid, I'm sure.  I have stepped up my drinking quite a bit - I scheme now to pump in extra glasses of water in the day.

I haven't really had any cravings yet, other than a dream about choco-crispies (chocolate rice crispies  - I don't even know if you can get them in Canada, and really, we're not extruded grain type of people, I would never buy it).  I guess I've had tons of aversions - I'm really picky about beef now, and I almost ralphed the last time I smelled sardines (which normally I chow down on at least once a week).

My fatigue is way better, for about the last few weeks.  I feel human again.  :)

I don't really have super smell, and don't urinate more than normal.

I was having crazy breathlessness earlier, but that is mostly gone away.  Like I'd walk around the house, then lie down on the couch pretty out of breath.  Weird.  But gone now.

I have had a headache or two, which is normal, I don't usually ever have headaches.

My boobs don't hurt so much anymore.  They were quite sore at first, but have dulled to generally sore-ish, no big deal.   They are basically huge, but I've adjusted.  (Ok, ok, not at all 'huge'.  Huge for me.)

I did have one crazy crying jag last week, but thankfully that seems to be an isolated incident.  Poor DH.  I cried for like half an hour, for no reason.  Which of course I could barely tell him, because I was crying so hard.

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