Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today, I am focused on the liver.

I did more fingernail research, and it totally looks like I have 'Terry's Nails'.  In Western medicine, this is to do with liver problems or adult onset diabetes.  I spoke with Dr T today about it, and she agrees, from a TCM standpoint there are still some problems with my liver.  I want some half moons!  Ha ha - every day I've been checking my nails, although obviously even if I was to heal my liver, I'm sure half moons wouldn't instantly pop up on my nails.

So... she recommends continuing to eat lots of bitter greens.  I've been trying to eat a bunch of dandelion greens a week lately, so that's good (which my DH won't let me even bring near him!  Hah!).  My skin is also improving, which is a good sign.  My poor skin is my body telling me something is up.

She's adjusting my herbs this month so AF will hopefully just start, not spot for a day or two first.  I think I need more progesterone towards the end of my cycle.  While Dr T still likes my nice long follicular phase, my luteal phase is still rather short.

In Dr Awesome news, I've spent two days calling my family doc's office, and being bounced around from receptionist to referral desk to receptionist to clinical assistant.  I talked to the clinical assistant today, she said she would just fax the referral in and call me back to confirm... but call she did not.  (sigh)   Yeeks.  So, if I don't hear from Dr Awesome by Monday, I will call again and patiently explain to another four people that they didn't fax it even though they were supposed to...


  1. I hope Dr. T can help adjust your herbs for you! But I'm confident that she will be able too. TCM is pretty cool when it comes to this stuff. I feel good that i'm not ALONE drinking these nasty herbs!
    Hope you'll get that referral SOON! sometimes i guess you need to "bugger" people A WHOLE LOT! to get their butts moving!

    I'm totally fascinated about your discovery about your nails! gosh, i've learned so much from you...that now i'm observing my nails too!

  2. Haha - you BETTER believe I'll be scoping out everyone's nails at the meetup tomorrow! I will have half-moon envy! (also called 'health circles') :)


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