Friday, May 18, 2012

About Time

"About time."
"Is that any way to greet a long lost Auntie?"

"Yeah, I wish you'd get lost!  Why can't you cooperate and come on the schedule I drew up for you? (or not come at all, hint hint)"

"Pfft.  Schedules!  I like to have my independence!"

"And weren't you supposed to check the cramps after the surgery?  Yesterday was totally brutal!"

"Hey man, no pain no gain."

"That doesn't even make sense.  This isn't exercise.  You are my worst Aunt.  And I have eight Aunts, so I know from Aunts."

"Maybe if you exercised more you wouldn't have such bad cramps.  Just sayin'."

"Dang.  You're probably right."

"See you again in a few weeks!"

"Maybe...maybe not.  Let's see if IUI #3 can keep you away."


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