Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Well.... BFN


I couldn't wait, I tested today.  By now there should be a line if there was a line on the way, right?  No line.  AF is coming.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day.  We shall see.  Sort of a bummer.  Because even though I said I had no hope, of course I had a little bit, and entertained thoughts of how cool it would be to BFP.  How many times have I written that blog post in my head?!?!  Let's hope I get to write it for real someday (soon).

Well, that's ok.  All thoughts to TCIE.

Thank you for your comments/tolerance yesterday!!  I am feeling much better today.  I woke up feeling much much better.  Also a sign there is probably no pg, right?

I think I'm having my energetic-day-before-AF-comes.  Which means work wasn't as hateful.  A good thing.  Thoughts of maybe leaving have started to dance in my head again.

I think yesterday was maybe caused by eating some random popcorn someone left in the coffee room.  Probably it was full of butter/gross fats.  I don't know, I was feeling SO awful yesterday.  I almost made the blog title "I am disgusting", but thought that was too harsh.

Thankfully DH came home and gave me hugs and put me to bed.  He didn't even once say "your face is going to stay that way".  :)


  1. :-( Sorry for the BFN! I know what you mean, I still hope it'll happen even when I know it probably won't. I am so excited for what's coming next for you though!!

  2. Stupid BFN. I hate that little bit of hope that creeps in just before you get the result from the POAS.


  3. I am sorry. I hope DH continues to take good care of you :(


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