Friday, May 18, 2012

IUI #3 drama already!

So we're going out of town this weekend.  It is a holiday weekend, May 2-4, so named after a case of beer.

We are going to visit my Mom and Feather.  Very good.  We had a little panic with AF arriving so late, that makes CD3 on Saturday, and we had planned to leave ultra early on Sat (it is about a 4-5hr car ride).  Then we decided we'll just leave after my wanding, no big shakes.

So I called Dr A's office this morning, and told them I'd like to come in tomorrow for my wanding/bloodwork.  But noooo - they are closed on Saturdays.  Since when?  Ai ya!  She says to come on Sunday - I say I will be out of town Sunday.  Silence.  They are closed on Monday since it is a Holiday.

The receptionist lady told me they need CD3 (or CD2 would have been ok but no techs are there now, or CD4 would be ok too, but I am out of town), in order to start my Clomid, in case I have a cyst.  Then she said, well, I can come in on CD6 (Tuesday) and we can see.  I'm all like, "but aren't you supposed to start Clomid on CD5?".  I don't see the point of wasting all this $$$ and then having to rest a cycle for poorly timed medicine.  I ask her to call Dr A.

Then I call DH in almost tears - this period has been SO BAD [I left work early today, was in terrible pain.  Not good], what if the endo is back?  I need to cram a few medicated cycles ASAP.  I don't want to be missing them for stupid reasons.  And then if we cancelled our trip, we'd BFN as per usual and then that would have seemed like a really poor decision.

But she called back and said Dr A said it was ok, she'd call in my Clomid prescription, I can start taking them tomorrow.  A tiny bit scary to take them at my Mom's with so much crazy floating around there anyway, but that's how it goes.  ;)

Phew!  Man... this is so much trouble.  I'm feeling rather negative today - like, why go to all this trouble, it isn't going to work anyway....


  1. sorry for the drama. Glad you are coming! (right?)

    1. Yes! VERY looking forward to seeing you! :)

  2. Argh!!! I hate times ultrasounds!!!

  3. Juggling our schedules to make ultrasounds and doctor's appointments can be so overwhelming....with no guaranteed results. I hope your weekend is relaxing and this cycle is successful!!

  4. Ugh, I hate when scheduling conflicts happen! Like we don't have enough to worry about already! It sure makes it stressful. I'm glad you'll be able to start. I have lots of hope for you this cycle! Rooting for you! Hope you have a nice weekend :-)


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