Sunday, May 13, 2012

A new IF ME record

Yes, that is right - CD33.  A new record.  Longest cycle ever.  Previous record was 32 days.  This is not a record I'm jazzed about, these long cycles can be so... you know, hopeful.

I haven't been up to too much.  My boobies did start to hurt, they still hurt.  I tested periodically - BFNs.  I probably would have tested again today for fun, but I forgot.  Maybe later in the evening?  How much does timing really matter?  I want to go for a massage, but have to wait until the boobies stop hurting!  Poot.

My skin calmed down a bit (thankfully!), it is now in repair mode.

Yesterday I as at a church council 'retreat' at someone's house (have I mentioned I'm on church council?), and their wife made this scrumptious looking veg lasagna - yes, that's right, I ate it.  And washed it down with a glass of wine.  I took a lactaid beforehand - it seems to have been alright, actually.

I am making up for it by having a huge (lightly cooked) kale salad with a hard boiled egg for breakfast.  (with ginger and turmeric and olives).  Yum!

So right before dinner I was in the kitchen helping the councilman's wife out a bit, and she also happens to be one of the midwives in my choir (yes, that's right, my ALTO section has two midwives!  If I could just get pg I'd be set!), and she asked how things were going.  A year ago she asked how I knew Tishi (she was Tishi's backup midwife), and I said Tishi ran an infertility group I go to - of course as I said that and teared up.

So again I teared up, but apologized.  Because I am much more ok than I was last year.  I told her I had been away from the choir for a few weeks because I had surgery, I had endo, we're doing a third IUI next cycle.  I felt SO much better after telling her.  It was nice.  And she was so understanding.  My plan was always to be more open about IF with my church family, but it is hard to do.

And on tastier subjects:

I have been LOVING my morning Kombucha Tea!  The only problem is a lack of supply.  With only a few pitchers, we can drink it faster than we can brew it.  DH agreed (somewhat surprisingly - I think he digs the KT more than he lets on) that we could continuous brew.  AKA, a huge container with a spout.

A huge kerfluffle with my continuous brewing plans for Kombucha this morning!  We bought a 10.3L glass jar with a spout (you know, for parties you want to serve a lot of iced tea or lemonade or punch!).  I made up 10L of hot sweet tea last night.  I come down this morning - about 2L had leaked out all over my counter/floor!  Ai ya!  Good thing it was too hot to add the SCOBY last night!

I sort of rescued the tea into some pitchers and a giant bowl, but I don't have room for it all.  And I then had to use all my SCOBYs that had been hanging out in my SCOBY hotel (except one I left in reserve - but I had to rip it).  So now we have a HUGE bowl and several pitchers of KT brewing all over the kitchen again - just what DH wanted to avoid.  :(


  1. No AF yet?! Grr! I hope it's because of pregnancy! I will keep my fingers crossed!
    Sounds like a nice dinner. That's great you opened up like that! It's so nice when people respond and are appropriate/supportive. You always have us though, too <3

  2. Well are you going to test again, or just leave us all in suspense? I am hoping this is a Mother's Day you will never forget! :)

  3. Silly AF! I agree with JBTC: are you going to test again???


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