Sunday, May 6, 2012

Home stretch, 1st TTC cycle after surgery


I am in the home stretch now.  This has been the first cycle post-endo removal we have TTC.

And what a weird cycle it has been!  I have said it before and I'll say it again - CS from IF ME cannot get through a TWW without a discussion on boobies.

So, for the first time since Feb 2011, my boobies are NOT sore.  At all.  Is so weird!  But, it was not the surgery that did this, for they were sore last month.

Was it because I've been off dairy for 2 months?  Or 3(ish?) months of progesterone cream?  Or because I did not ovulate this month!?!  Who knows!  It will almost be fun to go back to a monitored cycle next month so I know what the heck is going on up in my (lady) business!

It stands to reason that having your boobies NOT be sore is not a preggo sign.  Hahah.  The first time they were sore I was fooled, but it was just the chinese herbs that threw me off.  Or maybe the boobies are not sore because I have finally righted the imbalance created by the Chinese herbs over a year ago?  I am trying to keep my head in the game - best to completely accept AF will arrive in the next day or two, rather than get my hopes up this cycle.  I will save my hopes for next cycle.  Just as your body needs rest between cycles, so does your hope.

Yesterday I did 'come out' to another friend about our IF troubles.  I babysat her daughter for a little while yesterday, it was pretty fun.  I'm glad she knows now.  Unbeknownst to her, some of her comments have been the most hurtful.  At one point she started a sentence with "I know how you must feel.." and I quickly jumped in and said "No.  You don't.", and she agreed.  That was good for me, somehow.  (She has two beautiful children which she had easily - first one came along as a surprise I believe, but they were married and owned a house so it was no big deal, maybe just a few months earlier than planned.

But just the fact than an ultra-fertile can understand that she really can't understand what an IF couple is going through - that in itself is all I need.


  1. I'm still hoping AF doesn't show! Fingers crossed :-) But I just know your lucky cycle is coming if it isn't this one. Good for you for coming out! Good job!

  2. Getting back in the game is so tough -- I'm living proof!

    It's gonna happen for the both of us, I know it!

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