Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First wanding, IUI #3


First wanding of IUI #3 today.  I could tell they were all a bit nervous  about starting me on Clomid without verifying I had no ovarian cysts.  I chatted for a min with doc A in the hallway (it is nice he is generally around for the wandings, you can catch him in the hallway sometimes and bend his ear about fertility related issues), and he asked if everything was going alright.

But that's about all I know.  Nurse Cheese didn't give me any stats when she called to say I should go in on Friday.  The wander didn't say much except "things look good" (good uterus!) and that I had a few (?) follicles.  It is too early to care, I am thinking.  Haha - how blase.  My main hope is - I hope the injection doesn't fall on a Sunday morning again.  I am somehow totally expecting this not to work.   We'll see - I'll change my tune in the luteal phase - maybe progesterone makes you hopeful?  And estrogen makes you realistic? 

And man, I haven't had a wanding in ages.  I totalled spaced out.  I've been having a bit of a spacey day.  Maybe it is the Clomid?  Doc A asked how I was doing (since this is a double dose), and I said I had a hot flash here and there, but I am generally alright.   He said if we make it to Friday we'll be alright - I think he is worried I'll bite DH's head off.

But I am generally ok, other than a bit spacey.  Which could be anything, really.  And the aforementioned hot flashes - but they are no big shakes, not as bad as the night sweats I was getting last time I was sick.

I bet you are wondering what has happened to Endometriosis Friendly cookery?  Well, we've been winging it the last few weeks.  Eating a lot of leftovers and dinners made up of roasted chicken (now comes in Organic) from the grocery store.  But I swear no more!  Even though we were away this weekend, so again it is hard to shop and plan, I have decided on the following:

Tonight:  BBQ Drumsticks with Fennel Salad.  DH won't eat the fennel salad, he'll have rice.
Tomorrow:  The rest of the chicken, quinoa, and salsa (fresh)
Thurs:  Black Eyed peas and kale salad.

I made some YUM rhubarb crumble from some of the rhubarb Feather's Dad gave us when we visited.
  • Rhubarb, Rolled oats, cinnamon, stevia, sunflower seeds, coconut oil.  That's it!  :)  Texture is not quite the same as a regular crumble, but it is OH so healthy! 
And speaking of visiting Feather - super fun.  I am super jealous of her garden.  It is huge and they grow awesome things.  :)   DH was inspired by their tidy rows to build me my own raised bed garden in our little backyard - yay!  So that is our project for this weekend - because it is late, I better get on it!


  1. Gotta love a good wanding. ;)

    I wasn't extra spacey on Clomid, but I was a raging lunatic. I'd take spacey over feeling crazy all the time!

  2. Wishing you lots of luck on #3... We just did #3 today. *sigh* Kudos to you for trying to eat well.. I try, but have never really eaten specifically for Endo. Best of luck and I can't wait to see what happens!

  3. It was so nice to see you and your DH!!! I wish you lived here. Then you could garden with me every weekend! Or at least sometimes. Come back in the fall to see it in full bloom/full of veggies!!! I'm excited that DH is all for a bigger garden!
    All the best with #3!!! Hugs!!!

  4. Wishing you lots of luck this cycle! I'm really excited for you!!


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