Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Does this mean I'm pre-menopausal?

No news.  2 more BFNs.  No AF.

What's the deal, yo?

Seriously, does this mean I am pre-menopausal?  Did AF just forget to come?  I keep thinking - "yup, she'll be here in the next day or two..." but that has been for almost a WEEK!  What the hay!

I haven't really done anything differently this cycle, besides Kombucha - and I do NOT think that will cause AF to stay away.  I stopped my prog cream a few days ago.  Enough is enough.  A girl only has so many pairs of black "waiting for AF" underwear, am I right?

In happier news - our choir CD launch party on Sunday night was wonderful.  My Dad and closest Aunt came, and even a friend of hers.  Really great night.  I almost can't explain it - like I was 'too happy' and couldn't sleep afterwards.  Hahah - not a bad problem.  :)  My Dad had tons of fun, and tried out our church organ, which he's really been wanting to do (he's an organist).  He even got invited to be guest organist, which I think he's tickled pink about.  My Aunt enjoyed it and anyway it is always fun seeing her.  But the whole... vibe... in the place was really positive and happy.  I dig it.

I think the midwife might have told some of our altos about why I skipped church on mother's day, because an alto I don't usually talk with too much gave me a big hug Sunday night.  That would be ok, if that was the case.

Well.... I'll keep y'all posted!
Oh, and one other thing - after my splurge on Sat night... yes, it turns out there were 'consequences' on Sunday.  Nicht gut.


  1. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry - a long cycle can be a good sign of fertility and you are still only a couple of months post-surgery. Your body may be recalibrating and adjusting after surgery and to the healthy endo diet you're on. It'll be here soon.

  2. Hmmm, our bodies are so frustrating! I hope that AF will finally show up and stop playing games!

  3. Aww man! So sorry hun. Sometimes I don't understand our bodies! Grr! Hope you get something good happening soon!

  4. Glad you had such a good cd release party!
    Remember how long I can go without AF b/c of my running (or something). So many factors are involved. I wouldn't be surprised if it was b/c of the surgery. Some pretty major stuff went on!!
    All the bestest! hugs.


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