Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Timing is everything.

Pretty sure ovulation is today.  Peak CM was yesterday, so am I P+1?
So the egg will be 20+ hours old by the time any spermies are around.  Just like the last two times - it seems like I am one day late to the IUI.

I was furious about this as I felt ovulation pain this afternoon at work.  I called my Auntie and she said I shouldn't put out negative vibes (in her way), but... I just can't.  I'm not hopeful.  I suppose maybe I have one left that didn't ovulate yet, but.... this seems dumb.  I don't want to keep doing this a day late thing.  This is such a hassle and hard on me/DH, always be late to the party!

My CM was best yesterday, and fo' shizze my cervix is done - it is back to high and closed.  (Isn't it sort of amazing how it moves, and you never knew until you were IF?  Good for you, cervix!).  I've been having fun tracking all my symptoms on an app on my new phone, so that's at least keeping me interested every day.  The 2WW will still be boring, I think though.

Ok, I'm sorry I'm such a whiner this cycle.  Keep calm and carry on, right?  One good thing is I'm working from home tomorrow, and DH is taking a family care day, so the day should at least be relaxing.  And it is always nice to finish a day with choir practise!  :)

And my Aunt mentioned she visited someone at a real live hippie commune around these parts today!  And I was like WOAH, I've always wanted to live on a commune!  I'm totally going to try and at least get a tour - fun!


  1. I'm sorry for being so nosy, but did you and your dh "take advantage" of the ovulation pain? One never knows....

  2. No, that's what sucks. We can't - with MF we have to be very fussy about timing....

  3. Grr, I'm sorry hun! I'm still going to stay positive for you! Sometimes my CM and cervix change right when I'm ovulating, so maybe you didn't miss it! I'm going with NO you didn't miss it! Fingers crossed!


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