Tuesday, May 29, 2012



Thank you for all your comments!  It is nice to know you all have hope even though I don't yet.

So I got my trigger shot today - not sure of the amount.  Nurse Cheese gave it to me right after the blood draw.  We're in on Thursday for the insemination.  Seems like a bit of a long delay (Internet seemed to suggest 24-32hours) ...I swear, it seems like they're always timing things a wee bit too late, but hey, who'm I to say....
(and you were right, it didn't hurt!)

Working from home Thursday will be nice.  I have a church meeting before choir, so it is always nice not to have to rush home, to be able to take a leisurely stroll over after dinner.  :)

I've still been Mrs Ouchy Ovaries all day, but not as bad as yesterday - I'm guessing this will persist another few days.  I am using it as an excuse to be super lazy tonight.  :)  Gosh, I don't know how people do IVF with huge numbers of follicles - you often hear of 17+ - no thank you!  OUCH.


  1. Woohoo good luck Thursday!! Yay! Most places will do it at about 36 hours. My clinic seems to do it too early at 24 hours. I hope you guys catch an eggie!! Also it seems like when you have more than one follicle, they release at different times, so you have a great chance to get one! :-D

    1. Oh, they release at different times! Interesting! I would rather too early than too late! ;)

  2. Praying, praying! My ovaries felt like they were "on fire" with 3 mature follicles last cycle.


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