Saturday, January 8, 2011

The 2011 CS IF Plan

So I thought I'd share our current plan for 2011, in terms of IF.

Until we get a BFP:

Jan:  test CM, pay attention to position, mucus and pH.  No preseed this month, since we want to measure my native pH levels.
Feb:  keep trying.  Potentially pause acupuncture, depending on Jan results.  Potentially take Mucinex, depending on Jan results.
Mar:  keep trying. "
Apr: Vacation in Taiwan.  Keep trying.
May: IUI (I want to wait until after such a big vacation, because of traveling stress and the huge time change - I'm not great at 12hr time changes, it will potentially really throw me off).  Will do acupuncture during IUI.
Jun: Another IUI.
Jul:  Another IUI?
Aug:  Adoption time.  Local or international, we're not sure yet.  If we do International, we are thinking of Haiti.  Much research needs to be done in this area, I know basically nothing still.

So, that's the plan!  Hahahha.  We'll see how things really go - I know plans are never really followed.

We've decided (at this point), IVF will not be for us.  For us needing IVF is a sign that we should adopt.  I mean, having our own biological baby would be great, but in the end, the goal is a baby, and I'm sure there is a local or Haitian baby out there that needs us.  :)  I wish the adoption process wouldn't take so long, part of me thinks we should kick it off now, but I still have hope we'll be able to conceive.

This probably isn't such a popular viewpoint, but we feel needing IVF maybe means that we were meant to adopt.  I mean, there are lots of little Haitian babies out there that could use homes (I think?  Excuse my total lack of adoption reality at this point.), how do you know if you should adopt them, unless your hand is sort of forced?  In general, I don't really live by 'it was meant to be' type statements, but in this case, it is such a big deal.... my rules bend in that regard.  This would be a way of seeing God's plan for us, I think.

Why is IUI different than IVF?  Because it is easier and cheaper - I am aware of the irony, it is still certainly assisted reproduction.  Because it will jump my potentially busted cervix, which I did to myself, there was no divine plan there.


  1. How funny, we are both planning our futures, (as much as we can, sometimes the universe laughs and says "yeah right"!) I love your plan, good luck with it all. We both have vacations planned in April, it will be nice to come back and start a cycle after a vacation. xoxoxox

  2. Maybe May will be a good baby dust month! :)

  3. I like your plan, I didn't realize that you were going away on such a big vacation, it will be SO good for you to have some time off from all this, I know you have been working SO hard with all the herbs and teas and everything else. I know your taking the right steps for you and that is all that matters, if you feel that moving on to IVF is not as good of an option as adoption then that is all that matters, not wether or not its popular. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that something works out before you need to make that decision though!

  4. Hey we can exchange notes about international adoption. I"ll post whatever research i find out on my blog. We are looking into Bulgaria and we will be meeting with the adoption agency lady in a week from now to discuss with her about it. Apparently it looks like our wallet probably might be able to handle the cost of adoption from this country if we chose to do so in the future.
    IVF, IUI and any other treatment is a "personal" thing..each one of us will inevitably do or won't do one of them or both. At the end of the day no one really knows which one will work or not. I agree with you the adoption thing unfortunately does take some time...gosh, i'm thinking even if we are not ready to commit to actually adoption yet maybe we should get our homestudy done soon...heard there is also a need for a renewal of that after 1 year. Good for you to have a plan..a plan is always better than no plan. Taiwan sounds like FUN!


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