Saturday, January 22, 2011

Plan for AF

So I'm pretty sure AF will come this month.  I'm even trying to convince myself it would be ok if she comes, to have a normal cycle after last month's shenangans.  Regardless:

My plan for when AF comes is twofold:

1.  Try to somehow lower my pH.  I've got a book from the library on the way about how foods affect your pH, but we'll see.  While I normally am all for hippies, the whole pH diet craze thing doesn't make sense to my scientific side  (lemons rasise your pH? what?).  At the very least, I will forego my decaf coffee and tea, I do think those affect pH.  (Forego only until after ovulation - then give me the occasional decaf coffee with high fat goat's milk, please!)

2.  Get back into shape.  Over the last many months (since my half marathon in September) I have been slowly getting out of shape.  Part of it is being easy on my body (more yoga, not wanting to run and jostle a potential embryo, which may or may not be stupid), some of it is Winter, but a large part of it is lazy.  I don't think this is good. 
  • If AF comes this month, that's it, we're aiming toward a May-timeframe IUI.  I think it would be better if my body is strong and healthy come May, not weak and stressy and tired like it is now. 
  • And if a few IUIs don't work out - well, better to be in shape in general.  Both to withstand what will likely be an arduous adoption process, and... well, I'm a firm believer in diet and lifestyle going a long way towards health and longevity.  My Mom is super unhealthy, and I do think that if she'd eaten healthy and excersised, she would have a tenth the problems she has now.  I do think that excersise can help heal the body as well.
I don't yet have a plan about how to get in shape.  I suppose I have several more days (about 3-5, I'm guessing) to figure that out.  I've been very wimpy about running outside in the cold this winter.

Oh, and I have decided to do the Yoga class on Fridays with my local IF ladies.  I was sort of stressy about this for a few days, since it really means turning my schedule upside down on Fridays, which means there are two nights a week I run my life around IF, which was starting to really hit home that my only hobby these days is IF... but I talked to my boss, she's ok with my skipping out super early on Friday, if I come in early, I just have to figure out if its better to drive or take the bus that day.  I thought about it, and the chance to hang with the IF posse every friday night for eight weeks is too delish to pass up!  :)

7DPO:  Vivid dreams are in full swing, and boobs are medium sore.  Skin is poor.  I'm going to go eat some pineapple.


  1. I like your plan (especially the yoga, wink!) jk, I really like that you want to get back into the shape you are used to so that you feel strong again. I know when I don't get to work out as much as I like to it does a number on my emotional well being. I really wish I knew more about PH and how to lower this in the body. Like you I am sure coffee plays a role, Did Dr. T have any tips?

    mmmmmmmmm pineapple!

  2. I'm totally with you on the getting in shape!!! I totally took 2010 easy and I feel and see it! The less I exercise, the worse I feel. I just wish it wasn't so darn cold outside!

    Can't wait for the IF yoga!!!!


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