Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ugh. Another new baby.

So I am taken fully off guard by the arrival of yet another newborn.  A friend of mine that was in my class in University just had a baby girl - and I didn't even know she was preggo!

I HATE that.  It makes the whole thing seem sooo easy.  Just poof!  And here is a baby.

And the baby really is pretty. 

At least it has a stupid name.


  1. Sorry to hear this surprising, unsettling news. It always hurts hard, doesn't it? I pray your heart heals and peace washes over you.


  2. I FEEL YOU! Yeah, it is pretty hard to hear about pregnancy news..such is life..where is that bottle of wine..oops, forgot.can't have any! crap!

  3. Argh!!!!

    I react the same way when I hear people have just had a baby, particularly if it catches me by surprise.



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