Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time for more theories - they make me feel better.

So, I've been reading about endometriosis.

I came across this:
Another hypothesis [about why endo occurs] is that anatomic abnormalities such as retroverted uteri [which I have!] and small cervical openings [which I have!] do not allow the blood to pass through freely, and it therefore backs up into other areas of the pelvis.

Hrmmm.  Makes you think, eh?
(Not that I'm abandoning my busted cervix theory - there still is the matter of pH)

So, as part of my 'plan', I was planning on moving down to 1 acu/month, but staying with the herbs this month, since it has been three months of acu and no baby, and it is starting to add up.

But maybe I am chickening out.  I LIKE going to see Dr T.  And if it takes months to see a good RE... I need to be doing something in the meantime.  Or if I can see a 'bad' RE right away - I'll need at least one medical professional in my life that pays attention and wants to sort me out, not just push me into expensive treatment.

And this AF did go rather well.  Less spotting than normal.  Less brown, more red.

Ok, let's see what Monday brings.  I plan on doing more research then trying to call a few RE offices.  
Has anyone tried to book with more than one RE, so you can be trying something out with one while you're waiting for another?  Like, if Dr #1 will take you in 7 months, but is reported to be excellent, you hang out with Dr #2 for the next 7 months, not wasting 7 cycles?


  1. CS, I think that in the U.S. they can go to whoever they want whenever they want, but here the problem is we need a referral from our GP. I would like to go to a few consults this time before choosing someone, but I would need my GP to refer me to all of them and I don't know if she will - let me know how you make out! I have one doc in mind - feel free to e-mail me if you want to compare

  2. I got one referral from my family doctor and another from my husbands. So we saw two different specialists at the same time. It only got "awkward" when I had to do ultrasounds at the same place for both doctors. The nurse said your dr. A's patient right, and I was like NOPE dr. B. haha. OH well, he was so rude to us, it didn't mean anything to me to "cheat" on him with someone better. The one thing I would worry about is doing the diagnostic testing for one month with one doctor (which is a lot of work) and then having to do it again with the other. My dr. B just let me get a copy of my papers though, so it was fine. The truth of the matter is, you are paying for the services they give us, so we have every right to shop around and make our own decisions, if someone doesn't treat us right, they don't deserve our money. I wouldn't just go to one car dealership before buying a car.

  3. Excellent tips, ladies! Thanks!

  4. Interesting theories C!! I also have a retroverted uterus, but I'm not sure about my cervix.

    My naturopath thinks there is a link with asthma and endo. Do you have asthma too?

  5. Hey CS, yeah, i'm in the same about re:acupuncture costing $$$. We are planning to have my dh stop treatment after tonight and i will continue with her but i think i'll ask her if it is necessary for me to go 2x a week or can i decrease the ### of times a week i go..very expensive.
    Man, i wish there was 1 good doctor and we don't have to keep going to bad ones. Honestly, we just want to get that too much to ask. But we instead have to put up with their BS, egos, the end of the day they are taking our money and we are left with alot of frustration.
    Why not, shop around ..hey to answer your question as to which IF doctor i'm going to meet up with next: Dr. Love baby! i'm going to get a second opinion myself --tishi's doc.
    I've got the ball started, called Dr. Love's office this morning, said i will need a referal from my family doctor so now I will have to see my dreaded family doc for a referral from him.

    another opinion never hurts from multiple docs, so at the end you can choose which doc you want work with or not with. that is the beauty of it all but in the meantime just like you i'm doing acupuncture to improve my health and my fertility parts.

    Good Luck! lots of HUGS sending your way!

  6. Madame Butterfly, you are too funny! We are like the same person - I called Dr Love this morning too! Hahahhaha. :) And then I called my old doc to ask for a referral because I don't want to go to IVF Canada, and the receptionist said I'd better call back tomorrow when the doc is in!

    I only do acu 1/week, so it isn't as pricey for us, but still, it adds up. I called for an appt today, but she's out for the week! So I will wait until next week to tell her we're not breaking up, I still want to be once/week instead of once/month.

    JB - No asthma for me, but I do feel my lungs are the weakest link in running for me.


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