Sunday, January 2, 2011

This month's feature focus: CM

So every month that we don't conceive, I try to focus on a new area that could be affecting our fertility.  Thanks to the A.R.T of Babymaking, I am now not feeling like this last month was wasted, it was a step in a process.

This month I am zeroing in on: Cervical Mucus!

I have always felt my CM just wasn't quite right - I have never noticed egg whites or anything remotely like that.  Due to my propensity for acidic foods, I am worried my CM is too acidic during pre-ovulation.  So today I settled down to buy some pH tests strips.  I'd been thinking about doing this for many moons, so I am finally thinking now might be a good time to get off the pot.

And when looking up what one's CM pH should be before/after/during ovulation, I come across this (excepted from here):

Abnormal cervical mucus can result from any process that interferes with the function of cervical glands (mucus is produced by these glands). This includes surgery to the cervix with destruction or removal of glands. These surgeries include cryosurgery (freezing), conization (removal of a cone shaped segment) or LEEP (cauterizing loop electrode removal of a segment) of the cervix for an abnormal pap smear.

Well, shiver me timbers!  Why am I just finding this out now?!  I HAD cryosurgery of my cervix a few years ago.  As soon as I read that I was furious.  And the surgery did not go as it was supposed to go.  Instead of "mild cramping" I felt "a dozen steak knives up my hoo haa" (and some mild cramping).

The mean old lady doctor who performed it assured me there would be no effect on my fertility.  When I mentioned it to my doctor here, he dismissed it right away. all does seem to fit together.  So this month I am going to pay a lot more attention to my CM than I have been.  I've been not really testing it since it is sort of a bother and a bit gross, but it is time for me to buck up.  If it turns out I do get a nice pH and egg whites, I was wrong, that is fine, I'll move on.  But if my pH doesn't turn and I get no egg whites... I'm looking at you cervical cryosurgery!

This would mean an IUI should do us.  Which is good.  I feel hopeful.


  1. If you decide to do an IUI I wish you a successful one! I recommend sticking to your acupuncture treatment before and after the "insemination" when doing your IUI treatment that month. It will make sure everything will run perfectly and smoothly for you.I regret I did not do so back then especially that month that i actually did concieve and then miscarried (whis was last March).

  2. Oh, if we do an IUI I will stay with Acupuncture for sure! :) The question is should I stay doing Acupuncture until then? (It is starting to add up) BUT, this may just be another red herring, I want to keep that in perspective before I go ditching anything.


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