Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FINALLY my Fertility Yoga DVD Arrives!

Seriously, I ordered this schmazoo in like mid-November!

Dr T recommended this particular fertility Yoga DVD, so I'm going to try it out.  What I find neat, is that there is a different set of poses for each of the four monthly phases.  Frankly, I felt a bit silly this morning doing some of the poses - it is not like any Yoga I've done before.

So it does have me a bit bummed out today - there are two options:
a.  "Like, doing all that silly yoga every morning was totally worth it to catch preggo!"
b.  "Wow, what a waste of time an energy, and here we are adopting anyway..."

Obviously I'd like to hope for the first, but I think I'm getting some of those January blues, so this morning I was more thinking of the latter.  I was kind of bummed.  But they sent some free LH test strips along with it, so I checked for fun today - it is funny the things I look forward to these days!  That sort of cheered me up (it was not positive, but I think that is because it is too early in the cycle, that's ok).

Speaking of which, I am still not really detecting much CM, and what I find has a pH that would kill spermies right away...but it is still not ovulation yet, so I'm trying to be patient.

DH's man business is actually a little too high in pH, potentially.... just in case he's been having extra vitamin C.  Hahah - I'm really having a bit too much fun with pH testing, I think!  The (fun factor)/(fertility dollars spent) on those test strips is super high!  :)


  1. Yay for the yoga video!Do you know the name of the dvd? did you order it through the accubalance website.

    I'm planning to join a yoga class soon to help me relax.

    I understand how you can feel "bummed" out..yeah but i guess there is that thing called "hope" in each of us that we think hmmm maybe if we try this it will help us conceive.
    i've been cooking more and examining recipies to take my mind off of this frustrating journey.
    Hope the rest of your day will be better!

  2. Yoga DVD is called "Restoring fertility - yoga for optimal fertility". Yes, I ordered through acubalance website - my Acu/TCM says she'll be carrying it in March - it was taking so long to ship I was wondering if I should have just bought it there! ;)
    I'm feeling better today, thanks. My CM is looking maybe good-ish.... :)


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