Friday, January 14, 2011

Ovulation Staycation!

So this month my likely ovulation days fall on a weekend (ahem, this weekend).  Originally we were thinking of doing a little weekend getaway, but that has morphed into wanting to just do a staycation - we love our house and our bed, and we're still slightly traumatized from Christmas.

So here we are!  We've been eating oysters for the last few nights, and this weekend is mostly about relaxing and having fun - and with a few errands that had to get thrown in.  We couldn't go off the grid 100%.  But we're mostly good.

I have seen some CM egg whites - but my pH is not good.  I will continue to check, of course, since checking pH is like my favourite thing, I highly recommend it.  And I swear my cervical position/texture is wrong, but I suppose I need a few cycles to know what to compare to.

Oh, and hilariously - since I've been off caffeine for over a year, I have no tolerance for it anymore.  This morning some caffeinated beans were mixed in with my decaf (like maybe 25% max) - and ALL day I was jazzy.  I was actually shaky all morning at work, then until about 5:00pm I was hyper.  I mean, sure, lunch was meg fun with the boys, but I was a little over the top.  (CL brought in goat cheese - wheeeeeee).  I'm still a bit too energetic - I wonder how I'll sleep tonight!  This probably isn't the best thing to have done on what is possibly the day before ovulation...oops....
I did get a chance to use my new fav word ("drag") at work today.  I have the goal of continuing to use this word every day next week at work.  Instead of joining everyone freaking out when it turned out something we thought was 125 was really 85, I was all like, "Yeah, what a drag.  We'll have to re-plan."  Yay!  NOT freaking out every day (many times a day on some days!) at work will be good for me, I'm sure.


  1. Good Luck on your "Staycation"! Good weekend to be "in bed" for sure!
    Caffine..yeah, been off of it for about the same time too and when i go to starbucks and when i'm not thinking and say i want a cup of soy latte--yep, of course i get an idiot i'm drinking it and i'm like did i mean steamed soy milk? i've done it a couple of times in a way it is like a special little treat due to my lack of attention when ordering..oh how i miss drinking coffee! but certainly did not miss the "withdrawl" symptoms!

  2. Hah! I did the same thing at Starbucks in November. I ordered my coffee while chatting with a friend, I started drinking and right away my heart started racing and I was like "D'Oh! I forgot to say decaf!", and then had to set it aside.

  3. Been off coffee and I hardly have anything caffeinated. When I do I feel so off. I never thought I'd love to have green tea in the morning, but I do!

    Enjoy your staycation!!!!!

  4. Haha- you are SO funny! Caffeine used to have a huge effect on me, but now I have a cup of coffee every morning, so my tolerance is good. Except for Starbucks regular or iced straight coffee- those equal shaking and racing heart. :) But I still drink them every once in a while! Good luck TTC!



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