Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's getting hot in here! (So hot!) So take off all your

luteal phase herbs!
(I am, getting so hot, I want to take all my luteal phase herbs off!)


So, Dr T was NOT pleased with my ultra-short cycle of last month, and also I have not mentioned, but AF was LIGHT!  Not good.  Too light, too short - way worse off than I was before the acupuncture/herbs!

She was perplexed, but by the time she came back in to take out the needles she had a theory - my luteal phase herbs are way too hot for me.  She's going to adjust my formula.  I think this makes sense.  The sore boobs and ultra bad skin at/after ovulation are new, the herbs look to be to blame.  And one cannot get preggo with such a thin uterine lining - I think my regular AF was just fine, thank you.

A teensy bit scary - how much these herbs really can screw with you, so they really are doing something!

So I'm sticking with it, hoping this month with adjusted luteal  phase herbs will be back to normal at the least!  And I still blame that fever for screwing things up last month, at least a bit.

Dr. T does think there may be something to my cervical mucus gland cryosurgery theory.  So we'll see.

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