Thursday, January 5, 2012

The boob that kept on hurting...

... doc says it is just Costochondritis.  No big deal.  Essentially it is like I pulled a muscle (in my chese wall) with all that coughing back in December.

It is a bit scary, when you google "breast pain" all sorts of cancer sites come up.  And I didn't really think that was it - I was leaning towards maybe it was a cyst - but I am glad to hear it is just a pulled muscle.  No more lady problems, please - I have enough!

NYE was fun.  But let me tell you - four babies in the same room, all sort of freaking out because there was too much stuff going on, and a very tetchy two year old, and a rambuncious four year old...  hahah - it wasn't a quiet weekend, shall we say.  ;)

It was a bit hard at times - the engaged-not-yet-married girl had lots of preggo questions for all the Moms in the house.  And one of them recommended a book to read about getting pg - in my head I am screaming "No!  Don't listen to her!  An IF knows all about it!  That book is not the best!"  but I just kept my mouth shut and said not a word.  In fact for all pg related conversations  (which there were many, with so many new moms)  I sort of edged away and didn't say anything.

Hopefully next year I'll be taking part!  :)  At the very least, it is intersting being around all these different parenting styles and kids, and hearing them give tips to each other.

They did sort of  mention another girl I know is undergoing IUI for her second kid.  And I like the tone, like it was no big deal.  Maybe I'll tell them all at some point.  But I have to be able to do it without crying!  I think I'm there, but I haven't tested it lately.

I have another little cold (probably from one of those snot nosed little buggers - the whole trip got sick) - and I was just feeling unhealthy in general.  I think this is not the month for me.  I feel too "acidic".  This is proved by DH's gout flaring up - we are on low imflammation food for the next while (which will also help with my pulled boob muscle).  And it is time to pull out our Chinse remedy for gout - coconut water and black bean water.  Poor DH - I hope it doesn't flare all the way up, he'll be crippled for a few days.  And it's his Chinese bday tomorrow!

I just called dr A's office and said we're a 'go' for next cycle IUI.  We have to redo our STD bloodwork before then since it's been >6 months.  Which is so lame - 6 months already?!?!  The nice thing was that the receptionist knew me on the phone - yet this is also a bad sign, since I go there so much!  Yaargh.


  1. Step away from Dr. Google and get some ginseng to fight off that cold (zinc and vitamin C can't hurt either!).

    Happy New Year to you buddy! 2012 has to be a better year!

  2. Sorry about the pulled muscle. Happy New Year to you! I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for all of us!

  3. I'm glad that the pain turned out to be something straightforward and not "female" related. Google can be scary sometimes - I had a persistent pain on one side of my head, like when you take out a ponytail and the follicles keep hurting. Searching on google came up with all kinds of terrifying scenarios. Then I remembered smacking my head while getting out of the car a few days ago and everything made sense. A couple of hours later, I whacked that exact spot of my head going up a ladder ... (1) I am not a very co-ordinated person and (2) at least this time I remembered why my head was hurting!

    I will look up how to make or buy the gout remedy you mention. DH suffers from this too and it can be agonizing.

    For anti-inflammatory foods, we try to use turmeric regularly (always with pepper also, to make it more active) - but I haven't gotten into reducing dairy and wheat as of yet.

    I hope 2012 is a great year for you. And that your cold is gone asap. We had a nasty one make the rounds for our Christmas celebrations. ick!


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